In the first quarter of 2014, social networking site Twitter has just revealed their achievements to date. Social networking applications that limit the use of 140 characters now have as many as 255 million active users per month. This figure is very much when compared to Facebook.

twitter user through mobile

But the good news, the level of use of Twitter on mobile devices was very high. The company also noted that currently nearly 198 million Twitter users access their accounts from a mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet.

The high number of users of mobile devices it was not making Twitter complacent. Indeed, overall, the level of development of mobile Twitter users continued to decline. Compare it to the second quarter in 2010, where they managed to achieve an increase of up to 33 percent of mobile users. While in the first quarter of 2014, only there is an increasing number of mobile users by 5.8 percent.

The company also seems now beginning to realize the existence of this negative trend. For that, they started launching some new features that appear to attract the attention of mobile users.