Terms of appearance
Advantages and disadvantages of Yahoo and Google can indeed be seen from the zoom. If Yahoo has a view that is the same every year. Visible display directly in front of like information about news being discussed by many, photos or pictures, and more. Google looks more simple, practical and easy to use as a source of information required. Another thing visible from the open site. If Yahoo tend to be a bit longer, because it has a lot of information printed on the front view. As for the Google users will quickly open it. Because, Google does have a more simple and does not have many extra features.

Terms of business
Advantages and disadvantages of Yahoo and Google has a fairly strict business rivals. Yahoo is known to have a lot of the partnership or cooperation to further develop the range of services on Yahoo alone. As for the Google, just focus on some of the development that is more independent. This application such as Google Buzz, Google Maps, and Android.

Terms of site
Advantages and disadvantages of Yahoo and Google can be seen from the opening of its website traffic. Apparently Google knows more superior compared to Yahoo. Google ranks only second most visited, followed by Google.com as global websites Google and then in the fourth was the product of Google’s Blogspot blog. Well, the new fifth Yahoo sites.

Terms of service
Advantages and disadvantages of Yahoo and google can be seen in terms of service delivery email. Currently Yahoo already has a design for a new look in terms of capacity and Yahoomail attachment also now able to send a maximum of 25 MB file for one post. Greater than usual right. In Yahoomail any e-mail accounts do not have a quota limit, so users can use Yahoomail account as the central data storage is important.

And now Yahoomail status bar already has a feature that provides a picture of what percentage of the files being uploaded. Yahoomail Plus has teamed up with the new Norton Antivirus from Symantec. Antivirus is able to check the file is sent if there is virus or not, it is certainly more secure for users. If for Google sites, which many now view updated terms of appearance menu. So the user can sign in to Gmail, Google, Google Images, GoogleMaps, Blogspot and more than one Gmail website. Google can send a file of 25MB capacity for maximum file.