Analyzing damaged your server

Facility located on the server computer is quite important. Server functions as a data center and network control in a system are very susceptible to damage, one of which is damage caused by the network system. System installation is bad is one factor that causes damage to the server. In addition to impact on overall system performance, servers are often too damaged to be replaced. But before changing the server as a whole, there are some parts of the server to do the examination. Several important components of a server that should receive serious attention include:

Hard disk capacity
To a computer server that serves clients in large enough quantities it must be equipped with large capacity hard disk. The use of hard disk capacity must be adjusted by the number of files in it. If the frequency of use and storage of data is quite large, so it’s good hard disk capacity must also be increased.

System network
Weakness that often occurs in a server is usually located on a network system that is used. To minimize damage to the system, I think you should start considering the use of wireless systems for the server. But of course the investment required to change the application is quite expensive and it takes a big enough budget to buy support equipment.

System operation
In addition to using some of these facilities, you must also consider the operating system used. The higher the capacity of existing data, then use a reliable operating system is a must. Therefore, you should always do some upgrades to the system used at this time.

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