April is Unforgetable

Hello everyone, it’s April and I will show you something different in my blogs. If you read my previous April, I released Free WordPress Themes MyApril, a 2 columns and 770px wide WordPress Theme. I use unique pink colors, nice icon interface and many more.

This April I created new Theme again but it still only for my personal usage. The new theme page is redesigned and rating features is added to let user know the most favorites themes ;). Back to MyApril, in the end 2007 I made a decision to release some updates of MyApril and the modified theme is named MyApril Reloaded. MyApril Reloaded has 3 columns and more wider layout along with unique colors.

As we all know, JAUHARI.net is using Padangan. Padangan get some respect from bloggers and many of them make customs of my Padangan. I really happy with it. I am not bored with my Padangan. The reason why I switch to April is that I need to refresh my style and make something new on this blogs. And you know that? April is my day, my birthday :D I hope all of you enjoy my new face and any feedback are always welcome.

The new my April will be released when the time is come. So just wait and keep visiting JAUHARI.net.

  • i always use jauhari themes and this one is really cool but to bad it wasn’t for everyone. :((

    thanks :)>-

  • Tema MyApril kurang asyik dipandang dengan IE6, kolum kanan turun kebawah , di FF OK.

  • I love this new theme. It looks fabulous and it loads fast which is what I would love to do with mine., =)) anyways, nice new theme as always.

  • Thanks you TechPavan

  • Nice dude… I love it, n I use MyApril Reloaded…. n still editin that to match my needs… Your themes are very good…