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Jauhari.NET menyajikan Informasi Cepat, Tepat dengan sajian Menarik Promo Code August 2011

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How To Show Hidden Files in Finder OS X Lion, Snow Leopard

Recently we got problem on my colleague USB Disk, because some viruses on their Windows Operating System made all data on the USB become invisibles, so I try to solve the problem. Now we will share it how to show hidden files in Finder OSX Lion and Snow Leopard easily.

Max OS X Lion
Max OS X Lion
Finder default configuration is Hidden all Invisibles files in Finder, we need to tweak it to enable to show all invisibles files on it. So, let’s move on. To do this step we need little bit to know using Terminal. Let’s move on, open Terminal App on your OS X Lion or Snow Leopard and write down this code

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

After you did this step, you need to relaunch the Finder by killing the app using this command

killall Finder

To hidden invisibles files again on your Finder you need to write this code

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE

And dont’ forget to relaunch the Finder again using command

killall Finder

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How To Fix Dropped iPhone into Water?

It’s happen on me, my little son Yashfa Jauhar play around with my iPhone. But for some reason that I can’t understand my son dropped my iPhone into water. When I ask Yashfa, where is my iPhone, Yashfa said I was dropped into water. What’s?


iPhone after dropped into water
iPhone after dropped into water

So I began searching where is Yashfa dropped an iPhone, after we search for a while we got it and terrible things is my iPhone already dead. So I began the priceless solution. I tweets about my problem and some of my followers give me suggestion to completely cover the iPhone a bowl of rice. It’s because Rice being a natural desiccant will help absorb the excess moisture. Then we need to let it dry for at least 24 hours and DO NOT try to charge the device.


So we will give an update tomorrow. So if you have a same problem, try to fix your dropped iPhone or other smartphone into water using a bowl of rice

Chensun Mills Helps Local Children’s Ability To Learn With Interactive Metronome

Chensun Mills Helps Children Enhance Their Self Esteem With Interactive Metronome Therapy

Children Smile - Chensun Mills
Children Never Ending Smile
While many people still may not have heard of Interactive Metronome therapy, Chensun Mills encourages parents to learn about this form of training that has made profound differences for many children for the past decade. This innovative, rhythmical neuro-therapy is designed to help children and adults who have ongoing issues with concentration, learning, coordination, motor control, and speech processing.

While no longer actively practicing, Chensun Mills continues to believe in the benefits of the therapy and, when possible, supports children in her community on a volunteer basis. Continue reading

DVD Ripper for Mac Exclusive Giveaway from MacX DVD

MacX DVD Ripper Pro Giveaway
MacX DVD Ripper Pro Giveaway

MacX DVD software cooperate with us and bring Exclusive Giveaway on MacX DVD RipperPro for both Mac and Windows users before June 10. MacX DVD Ripper Pro is a professional DVD Ripper software designed with multiple advanced technologies to rip DVD to video and backup DVD in few minutes.

It allows users to remove the latest DVD copy protections adopted in newly released DVD disc to making it effortless to rip DVD to MP4, MOV, FLV, MPEG, AVI, H.264 and convert DVD straightly to portable devices, such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, PSP, etc.

It is easy to get the full version of MacX DVD Ripper Pro. First, go the giveaway page. And download the version according to your Platform, and use the corresponding license code to activate the program. Continue reading

How To Implemented Google +1 button code

Recently we got an email from Google that give me announcement that Google +1 Button has ready and we can implemented on our blog. Here is the tutorial to implemented Google +1 on WordPress Blog

  1. Go Google Webmaster Tools +1 Button Page
  2. And you’ll see like this

    Google +1 Button Page
    Google +1 Button Page
  3. Next Step is you choose Google +1 Button and copy the code then open your single.php or whatever theme files you need to put on and save your work
  4. Done, you Google +1 has been successfully implemented.

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