Do You already use your credit card wisely ?

Having a credit card does look more comfortable in the shop. Shopping online can be done quickly and does not require a lot of verification. You can just enter the card number and verification number on the back of your credit card then you are able to process transactions you make.

There are some things we need to consider in using a credit card, because if we do not control we can use entangled bill that could make you dizzy to pay plus interest accrued on a different vendor.

I got a lot a lot of information about tips and how to process credit cards in credit card processing blog. we learned about many things such as rates of their credit card vendor, how to use the EDC machine transactions, and a lot of useful tips for using our credit cards wisely.

Credit Card also can be use to make a transaction in the Internet. There are many e-commerce website offer payment module using credit card as the payment. If you want to create a business online you need to become a merchant at some credit card vendor such as Visa or Mastercard. Besides, there are some payment gateway that already support credit card as the payment module. The example is Paypal and I think this the most trustee payment gateway with some strict verification.

Start Your Online Reputation

How To Build Your Online Reputation

Starting to develop your online reputation takes a lot of work depending on where you start from. Just like a credit score, your online reputation can always be improved, and must be if it is negative or even neutral. With the expansion of social media, your online reputation says a lot about you or your business. Four out of five people have researched a business online in the past before contacting the company. Studies also show that employers are increasingly using the internet to find out information about potential job candidates. Here are a couple of tips when trying to start your online reputation. Continue reading “Start Your Online Reputation”

GrabBox Share your screenshot through web

GrabBox can make you share your screenshot through the web easier. This application is a simple to use and you can directly uploaded into DropBox Public folder and provides you with a tiny URL. You will always have local copy in your harddrive, so you can manage while you’re offline. Every time your OSX built-in screenshot tools taking a shot, it will automatically transfer those picture into screenshot folder and put it in public folder at DropBox and it will send you a message a link using Growl short URL. After that, you can send those link using email, twitter, or other social media.

Available Download GrabBox 1.1.5.

New iMac 2011, understanding what you needed

Desktop Mac like iMac has a special places in their user hearts. And now Apple has release the new iMac with some fascinating features. iMac released in two different type of intel processor, quadcore i5 and i7. You may choose 21.5 Inch quadcore i5 with 2.5GHz or 2.7GHz. Or 27 Inch quadcore i5 with 2.7GHz or 3.1GHz.

As like the title I mention “understanding what you needed”, the new iMac 2011 really know what user needed. New iMac increased their performance almost two times faster than previous released. The performance already tested in some difference application with difference purpose. You can work with 3D, algorithm, multimedia audio video, games only at iMac 2011. Continue reading “New iMac 2011, understanding what you needed”

How to increase visitor for Corporate Website

Commonly, a corporate website is a static type that contain profile, product, news, and contact. This kind of website is dead, they won’t recognized by search engine and definitely no one will see their website.

Creating a business website as a company profile is not so difficult to build. All that we need is hire a web designer and explain the concepts then it’s done. The website will launch just like we want. What should we do next after all the information has been released ?
There are many company has the same question about this. Continue reading “How to increase visitor for Corporate Website”

Brett Merl Developed Youth Hockey Programs

CEO of Saturday Holdings, Brett Merl’s passion for hockey quickly showed him that several youth hockey programs greatly needed support. Beginning with struggling clubs in Florida,  Brett Merl starting funding youth hockey programs in areas where there was a dire cry for help. Not too long after, he launched additional programs in Michigan and Ohio, thriving on the opportunity to share his love of the sport with the next generation of players. Continue reading “Brett Merl Developed Youth Hockey Programs”

Scan your photos into digital Online

A new idea in business on the Internet that is Photo Scanning. Not everyone has the scan machine to capture photos they have long time ago before the digital film era. The memories of Photos make people willing to spend money to save them in digital form.

The advantages of digital format is we can print as much as we want to and it will not reduced the quality. Besides, it’s also can be stored to the online album in the internet, so it can be seen by many people such as friends, relatives, colleagues, or others during the album is shared. Continue reading “Scan your photos into digital Online”

Totally Free PSD Resources

If it is associated with design, then we will surely remember the Adobe Photoshop. As a beginner designer, I often look for resources in PSD resources which can be downloaded so I can modify them just like what I need. Many websites provide free designs but unfortunately they are not completely for free, because they intend to sell the existing designs.Yes, I’m not complaining about it, because sometimes people do their business by selling their designs on the internet. However, there are some websites that provide a full design sources that can be downloaded for free and one of them is


Free PSD Corner
Free PSD Corner



This website is still relatively new, as all we can see there are still a few Free PSD Design that already distributed by the owner of this website. I personally think this is a good start and we should follow his site, because I think he will share more designs and hopefully will be given totally free.

I hope FreePSDCorner will share not only design products, but also provides some good tips and tricks of Adobe Photoshop technique or some design tips for beginner like me.

FIFA Online Beta is Live

The first thing to do when I arrived into my office is checking emails and I found an interesting news. Yes, that’s right FIFA Online Beta is Live. Actually FIFA Online Beta was live at May 26, 2010 and I’ve already sign-up about a month ago when it still closed beta. Now this FIFA Online Beta is the final beta release and open for everybody as soon as you register your account you can directly invite your friends to play in this game.

Up to this writing I haven’t tried it all because I wanted to share with you in every steps. In the website reportedly still has many bugs that will arise and will be repaired until the final version appears. However, since May 26, FIFA Online Beta has been launched for everyone and will continue to be a beta version until the next news. This was done because int the previous version,  we can only play Closed Beta version, which is we have specifically invited by FIFA-online and coincidentally I just registered and does not has the invitation.

By the way, this games was not much different from other online games. FIFA Online Beta can only run on Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and above and Internet Explorer version 7.0 and later in  Windows XP and IE 8. It’s required to install Addons in Firefox or Internet Explorer plugin to run this game online and then have to download an additional application of 9.5 MB. After that you need to patches the software and download 1GB from fifa-online.

Howto Using jQuery masonry inside your wordpress themes

Recently I created a wordpress themes using jQuery.masonry. Masonry is a layout plugin for jQuery that make our layout very flexible between articles, and it could float horizontally and vertically. Basically, this plugin create a new #div when the site loading by generating automatically count width and height of each articles.

Masonry was created by a unique person that really love math. It is shown by his product masonry, he create new way to design a website. The name is David Desandro, from the name I guess he is an italian.

How to use this plugin into you wordpress themes ?

First of all this plugin may not compatible with new PHP Version (above 5.2.8). Because I already try it and I can’t fix it when I use cross browser like Firefox 3.6.x , Google Chrome 5.x, Internet Explorer 8, Opera 10.5x. This themes already use by woothemes called mortar.

This time I won’t explain the detail of using this masonry inside you wordpress themes, but if you need the tutorial you could visit I think he already explained a lot and it’s easy to learnt. What I’m going to say right now is my experience using this plugin and here’s some information that you might need to have your attention.

  1. PHP Version
  2. jQuery.noConflict (If you’re using other wordpress plugin using jQuery)
  3. Using Image crop generator (like thimbthumb or else)
  4. CSS Style (Using Grid, Float, and others)

the new face of google

Google has launch the new face with major improvement. The changes I realized this morning after several times googling :) with some keywords. The first time I know google has much relevant topic that I’m looking for and faster than previous search.

So, it is a new face of Google with large textbox and button, the detail improvement you can check at googlenewsblog. Personally I like this new face, I can explore more result with just one keyword.

business services can be conducted online

Affiliation business was first introduced by by giving the marketing team to advertise its products. Since that time many emerging companies use this system. This is highly effective marketing techniques to increase sales because the company has thousands and even millions marketing team with minimal cost to spent because it does not paid their marketing team regularly. The company only provide incentives as a commission for their marketing team.

Here is an example that I’d like to give about the Hotel Affiliation. This is quite interesting to be discussed as they relate to business services. Usually, only Manufacturing companies typically provide this service, but if engaged in the service have a slightly different calculation. The Sales team received commission for their sales, if the business service can be done on a per leads. That means every time the customer utilizing the services of the company, the sales team will get a commission for its services already given. As an affiliate marketer, you could get more money from this model, it will produce exceptional passive income.

Suggestion for beginner Internet Marketer :

  1. Find a good and trustee Affiliate company that proven paid out their marketer by browsing forums that provide this information or googling with those keyword.
  2. Try to find pay per leads commission. Usually it pays more little than pay per sales but it’s continued payment. Every time customer bought those services you will earn commission from it.
  3. Start now and get ready to be a great internet marketer.

What’s on in new Mac Book Pro Corei7

Macbook Pro has released the latest notebook with Intel Core i7. It is not a surprise to me because the other brand like Sony Vaio, HP, Acer, Toshiba, etc already released with those Intel Core i7. So, what makes this macbook pro special … :)

Yes, if you’re mac addict like this guy I think you will be dream on to have this Macbook. When you read the specification detail you will found the best spec if you compare with other brand and this Macbook already bundle with the Mac OS plus other application that might we have to pay more in other Notebook. And this is what makes Macbook “cheaper” than other brand. Well here’s the full spec :

15-inch: 2.66GHz

Intel Core i7
4GB Memory
500GB hard drive1
SD card slot
Built-in 8- to 9-hour battery2
Intel HD Graphics
NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M with 512MB

I have read some technical review from engadget that makes me sure that this new MacBook Pro with Intel Core i7 has better performance than the previous one. This Macbook Pro fully support with iPhone OS 4.0 that already released several times ago. Let’s dream on and have this gadget soon … :)