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I'm a blogger and content Writer. My work with PHP, Delphi, MySQL, MsSQL, and I really love games and gadget.

Download Google Voice for iPhone

Google officially released Google Voice for iPhone, so you can download Google Voice for iPhone for Free. Like we all know there are two apps avaliable on App Store but not officially by Google. This App is not free. Check this site (1, 2) for more info about two apps for Google Voice

FIFA Online Beta is Live

The first thing to do when I arrived into my office is checking emails and I found an interesting news. Yes, that’s right FIFA Online Beta is Live. Actually FIFA Online Beta was live at May 26, 2010 and I’ve already sign-up about a month ago when it still closed beta. Now this FIFA Online Beta is the final beta release and open for everybody as soon as you register… Read Article →

Howto Using jQuery masonry inside your wordpress themes

Recently I created a wordpress themes using jQuery.masonry. Masonry is a layout plugin for jQuery that make our layout very flexible between articles, and it could float horizontally and vertically. Basically, this plugin create a new #div when the site loading by generating automatically count width and height of each articles. Masonry was created by a unique person that really love math. It is shown by his product masonry, he create… Read Article →

the new face of google

Google has launch the new face with major improvement. The changes I realized this morning after several times googling :) with some keywords. The first time I know google has much relevant topic that I’m looking for and faster than previous search. So, it is a new face of Google with large textbox and button, the detail improvement you can check at googlenewsblog. Personally I like this new face, I… Read Article →

business services can be conducted online

Affiliation business was first introduced by by giving the marketing team to advertise its products. Since that time many emerging companies use this system. This is highly effective marketing techniques to increase sales because the company has thousands and even millions marketing team with minimal cost to spent because it does not paid their marketing team regularly. The company only provide incentives as a commission for their marketing team…. Read Article →

What’s on in new Mac Book Pro Corei7

Macbook Pro has released the latest notebook with Intel Core i7. It is not a surprise to me because the other brand like Sony Vaio, HP, Acer, Toshiba, etc already released with those Intel Core i7. So, what makes this macbook pro special … :) Yes, if you’re mac addict like this guy I think you will be dream on to have this Macbook. When you read the specification detail… Read Article →

Creative and Nice 404 Error page !

I found an interesting articles about how handle 404 error page in the website. And Hongkiat collecting all of them into some articles. Truly I really like it and I think you’ll be the same opinion with me if you’re already read those article in here and here. This is one of them … Many people as end user or web developer forget and maybe it is not necessary to… Read Article →

WordPress 3.0 Beta Tester 1

WordPress 3.0 will be released and I’m sure it will be better than the current version of WordPress 2.9.2. If you want to try and use it offline can download here.  This time I’d like share about the experiences of using WordPress 3.0 Beta 1. As we all know, WordPress is a GNU-based CMS’s and its the most famous in the blogger world. Besides, it can be used as e-commerce,… Read Article →

WordPress 2.9.2 Released

I’ve just upgrade my personal blog into Wordpress 2.9.2 this morning. There are some critical issue update beside vulnerability bug fixed. I think it’s very useful when the website has many writer content like this blog for example. The critical issue is Wordpress fixing Trash facility that already launch in previous version Wordpress 2.9.

GunungKidul Free WordPress themes

Yes, it’s another Jauhari Free WordPress themes at He name it with his motherland which is GunungKidul, Yogyakarta and this is one of themes that he’s already created with some names which is has mean a lots in his life. This time he created themes with framework and you know it’s like the previous one called Shofi. He choose a blog style with a lot of widget and… Read Article →