Creative and Nice 404 Error page !

I found an interesting articles about how handle 404 error page in the website. And Hongkiat collecting all of them into some articles. Truly I really like it and I think you’ll be the same opinion with me if you’re already read those article in here and here.

This is one of them …

Many people as end user or web developer forget and maybe it is not necessary to look up when we’re creating some website or wordpress themes. Maybe after read this articles you will be inspired to create a nice and creatives 404 page.

Is your blog or website or your themes already has a nice and creatives 404 error page like this ??

So, come on and share in this articles your 404 error.

WordPress 3.0 Beta Tester 1

WordPress 3.0 will be released and I’m sure it will be better than the current version of WordPress 2.9.2. If you want to try and use it offline can download here.  This time I’d like share about the experiences of using WordPress 3.0 Beta 1. As we all know, WordPress is a GNU-based CMS’s and its the most famous in the blogger world. Besides, it can be used as e-commerce, portals, company profiles, and etc. I, myself really like this WordPress and of course with the support of many plugins and themes for free like in this site.

Okay, I will explain the new changes in WordPress 3.0 as end users. The first is the color display on the Dashboard and Updates the previous version is still entered in the Tools menu.

Wordpress 2.9.2 Dashboard
wordpress 3.0 Dashboard

The second is the replacement name on post Thumbnails to be Featured Image. In the function I thought the same, but technically I have not get explanation. Maybe next time I will be described in writing specifically about this.

Third, changes in appearance Appearance themes. Previous Add New Themes in the Appearance menu, now entered into the themes by providing a new tab Install Themes. So, there are additional menu that serves to regulate navigation. Based on experience, navigation settings is very important when we develop themes in WordPress.

Wordpress 3.0 Manage Themes
Wordpress 3.0 Menu

Well, it’s really look very interesting right, and if you’re installing this beta version you will found customize admin password when the the first time install like this picture below Plus the front page Screenshot.

Wordpress 3.0 Install
Wordpress 3.0 frontpage

WordPress 2.9.2 Released

I’ve just upgrade my personal blog into WordPress 2.9.2 this morning. There are some critical issue update beside vulnerability bug fixed. I think it’s very useful when the website has many writer content like this blog for example. The critical issue is WordPress fixing Trash facility that already launch in previous version WordPress 2.9.

At the first released of Trash facility all user can see the trash even that was not their own trash post. So, it might could be deleted by other user or something else to do. Beside this trash problem there are other bug fixed that will decrease the security problems and make this WordPress CMS more powerful.

So, by upgrading into WordPress 2.9.2 we can manage our blog/website become better and better. I hope Jauhari will upgrade this blog soon.

GunungKidul Free WordPress themes

Yes, it’s another Jauhari Free WordPress themes at He name it with his motherland which is GunungKidul, Yogyakarta and this is one of themes that he’s already created with some names which is has mean a lots in his life.

This time he created themes with framework and you know it’s like the previous one called Shofi. He choose a blog style with a lot of widget and SEO stuff as usually. I like his themes when he use framework because right now I do learn this framework too. This Gunung Kidul themes has 2 column and extra footer and of course with widget support.

So, if you like to download this themes just visit and GunungKidul themes as the first themes in this year 2010.

Track And Share Twitter Conversations

Twitter was a remarkable development, as well as the many sites popping up – there to support this application because it is shared platform for many orang. It is now difficult to track back and tracking the lines of communication became a problem when we connect with people. Recently launched TweeterClubs aims to create a real-time conversations around Tweets published to the web.

As a third-party Twitter client, they will be collected into the Tweeter Tweets Club. Users will be able to manage a particular club by prohibiting members, delete the message and also see the statistics in the club, including the number of members and the number of tweets per day. Whitehead said that will also offer TweeterClubs Android applications and will open the Twitter API for clients to incorporate their own platform functions.

Once you’ve logged into the site with your Twitter account, you can enter a tweet TweetUp tab. Your tweet will appear both in clubs and on Twitter automatically. TweeterClubs only display tweets from members of the club and when you log in, you will automatically be members. But TweeterClubs founder Jeff Whitehead says plans to open the site to enable people to make their clubs themselves.

Of course, users also can participate in the conversation on Twitter by simply adding a certain hashtag for Tweets and then find the hashtag. Other startups that help understand the specific conversations on the web is TweetGrid, and TweetConvo and Bettween.

Learn CodeIgniter with ShawnMcCool

Lately I learn CodeIgniter again. It’s because I want to develop an accounting application that can be use in many platform and the choices is CodeIgniter framework. As an initial learning, we must understand a little about the structure of files and folders from CodeIgniter itself. And then we learn the syntax and build an application. I tried to googling and surfing to a blog that contains the tutorial how to create an application using CodeIgniter framework.
After reading a few blogs, I started to like blogs Shawn McCool, one of which contains about Web Development Tutorial. I like that shown in the screencast blog Shawn. The information was so detailed with examples of online applications and files you can download the material for our study.
It is for the advance which was enough to understand about CodeIgniter is not new. I’m sure if you visit the blog starters Shawn McCool will be pleased and interested in the review. There are several points that I like about Shawn’s blog is a screencast tutorial, sample applications, explanation and implementation CodeIgniter with his jquery for ajax.

Windows 7 in Axioo MNC016

Today I’d like to share with the readers about my first look about Windows 7 that already pre-Order with about $50 to upgrade from windows XP or Vista. Since Windows 7 into the pre-beta, Microsoft revealed a second lot about how Windows 7 will be better than the various versions of Windows earlier. In the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC), Microsoft explains how Windows 7 is designed to complete the boot / shutdown faster and consume less power than the Vista operating system even though they actually have the same foundation.

windows7_beta_boot_screenWindows 7  boot and shutdown faster is just one of many aspects of performance improvement which already promised by Steve Sinofsky. Microsoft can reach the boot time faster through a variety of ways:

  • Reducing the number of system services
  • Reduce power consumption CPU, hard disk (HD) and system memory required service
  • Optimization drivers
  • Starting some services and drivers in parallel
  • Optimize prefetching for HD or SSD

Although we have previously discussed how Windows 7 will be more power efficient, WinHEC conference provides lebh detailed information about how Microsoft achieve this. Some of them are power consumption less when using a wireless network and some kernel optimization that allows the CPU to operate in lower frequencies and have a longer idle time. The end result is the battery life is better than 11% to 15% better than Vista – Windows 7 pre-beta, the final version would be even better.

Get ready for Snow Leopard from OSX

Apparently the rumors about Snow Leopard off early become reality. Apple issued a formal announcement about the release schedule for Snow Leopard. Started last night’s Snow Leopard can be ordered through the Apple Store Online. This time, the DVD packaging looks different from the previous packaging, without big X mark. And also the picture in the case was an actual picture.

Snow Leopard a.k.a Mac OSX 10.6

Snow Leopard can be installed only on Intel Macs processor. Snow Leopard or Mac OS X 10.6 Leopard is the improvements in terms of efficiency, stability and security of the system. It is not significantly changed much, the most obvious is the change in interface QuikTime with black windows.

Snow Leopard

For those of you who are still using Tiger, you can also upgrade directly to the Snow Leopard by buying a Mac Box Set, containing Snow Leopard, iLife ’09 and iWork ’09. There are no shipping costs, as well as Snow Leopard, if ordered now. If you can not wait to use the Snow Leopard, please order now, while not free postage.

Playing Games With Your Child, In Your Own Backyard

Many children are aware of the fact that bugs and birds are living animals, but many do not know that plants and flowers are also living. For that reason, you may want to teach them about plants and flowers. Depending on when your backyard was lasted mowed, you should be able to find a number of different plants and flowers. As with most other living things, you should also be able to purchase books and resource guides that cover common plants and flowers. You and your child may have fun comparing the plants and flowers in your backyard to those in their books.

Steel_SpartanBesides, there are plenty of outdoor games or indoors that can played on your backyard like play Halo Wars. I believed you already know about this games in PC,PS3, or other games media. I think we can’t play Halo wars in the backyard if we play it in the games media. For example this picture, I’m sure you will know and I believed it can be played with your child at the backyard.

It is amazing what you can find in your own backyard. While you may not give any thought to the plants, flowers, bugs, or birds that can be found in your backyard, your child will likely be impressed with them.

Preventing from illness alternatives

Nowadays we have a lot of activity that make us very busy or stressed and at the end we consumed fast food and cannot controlled what we eat. These condition will increase stress and cause other problems. Here’s I’ll try to share some tips. To get the most of your healthy eating and avoid stress, follow these simple tips.

brickhouseAlways eat breakfast Even though you may think you aren’t hungry, you need to eat something. Skipping breakfast makes it harder to maintain the proper blood and sugar levels during the day, so you should always eat something. You might need a Medical Alert for your self and family. It will more prepared when you have got sick.
Your Home
Important to the bad food out of your home, it is vital to good eating! The best way to do this is to create a healthy menu of food in the snack at the beginning of the week, the list serves ingericht need, then go buy that. In this way, you know what you want when you need it, and you will not be stressed about what to eat.

Bring snacks

Keeping some protein rich snacks in the car, office, or pocket book will help the blood sugar dips, the accompanying mood swings and fatigue. Trail mix, granola bars, energy bars and nutrition you need.

Healthy munchies
If you want to chew, if you stress, you can chip or not healthy foods with carrot sticks, celery sticks, or sunflower seeds.

Bring your lunch break
Although many people prefer to eat fast food for lunch, you can save money and actually eat healthier if you take a few minutes, and take lunch at home. Even if you only do this a few times a week, you will improve by better catering.

Investment factor for beginners

Many investor beginners to invest all their savings. While many factors that must be considered before deciding how and investment can determine how much you really afford to invest, and what your financial goals are.

chinese_piggybank_arsFirst, let’s take a look at how much money you can currently afford to invest. Do you have savings that you can use? If so, great! However, you don’t want to cut yourself short when you tie your money up in an investment. What were your savings originally for?

It is important to keep three to six months of living expenses in a readily accessible savings account — don’t invest that money! Don’t invest any money that you may need to lay your hands on in a hurry in the future.

So, begin by determining how much of your savings should remain in your savings account, and how much can be used for investments. Unless you have funds from another source, such as an inheritance that you’ve recently received, this will probably be all that you currently have to invest.

Next, determine how much you can add to your investments in the future. If you are employed, you will continue to receive an income, and you can plan to use a portion of that income to build your investment portfolio over time. Speak with a qualified financial planner to set up a budget and determine how much of your future income you will be able to invest.

With the help of a financial planner, you can be sure that you are not investing more than you should — or less than you should in order to reach your investment goals.

For many types of investments, a certain initial investment amount will be required. Hopefully, you’ve done your research, and you have found an investment that will prove to be sound. If this is the case, you probably already know what the required initial investment is.

If the money that you have available for investments does not meet the required initial investment, you may have to look at other investments. Never borrow money to invest, and never use money that you have not set aside for investing!

Branding company with Personalized USB Drive

Flash DealerSometimes companies want to provide something unique to prospective customers as a gift when buying products from the company. Many forms of bidding on the Internet that we can find a gadget, mug, or the other. I would like to give you an information about Personalized USB Drive. That is a USB Drive with a unique and interesting that I was qualified to be a souvernir or gifts for your customers.
You can find it in this FlashDealer, there you can see the many unique products from the collection of USB gadgets and some of the other so that you can be a consideration to determine the prize you want to be. FlashDealer offer Personalized USB Drive with logo or components – components that are specific brand of your company and I am sure you will look very interesting.
In addition, based on what I see, they offer 100% security dealers so that you do not need to worry akan goods offered FlashDealer. And all products have the LIFETIME warranty. Hopefully this information can increase your wealth in the catalog choose souvenirs for your company.

You can see this images beside, there are many brand that they can made for logo or products. Perhaps you have something different with those, so lets have your creation and

WP Robot Make Your Internet Marketing easier

If you know about posting articles automatically using feed wordpress or other wordpress plugins, so I will present to you a new technology called WP Robot. It’s a  premium plugin that might be interesting to have for your blogs.

For the first time I saw this feature from, I think it’s similar like  feed wordpress plus some additional modification for any posts that do not exactly match the original any posts.

In fact all of that right and many other additional and particularly if you use your blog as a business to obtain dollars from the internet as an internet marketer.

Why, because WP Robot equipped with a module that supports some of the affiliate that is already famous amazon, ebay, clickbank article and some banks to fill the rather blog without having to write your own articles about the theme you have in the affiliate.
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9 Adsense programs beside google

I believes that you have know about Google’s AdSense program and we can earn some cash from this program. Here’s I’ll try to give you some alternatives that you also might interesting with this program to dig your dollars in these programs.

1. AllFeeds (

AllFeeds has a great pool of online advertisers to choose from. It also features many display formats that you can choose from. These include banners, buttons, XML feeds, DHTML pop-ups and so on. It also features real time reporting of your ad status. The site will mail a check every month, provided that you earn more then $25.00, while rolling over earnings for the next month if you don’t. Another interesting thing about AllFeeds is that it integrates with Google AdSense, maximizing your earnings with AdSense.

2. MarketBanker (

MarketBanker allows you the unique possiblity to set the pricing for your site. It also allows you to allow or reject any link that appears on your site (although AdSense itself does a very good job of this as well, with URL filters) There’s also a statistics section which will allow you to see how well your site is doing. The ads are small just like AdSense’s and they’re just as easy to set up. Also, registration for MarketBanker is free.

3. BidClix (

BidClix is different because it has advertisers compete for clicks on your site, which in turn is meant to generate the highest possible profits for your page. It also has a very large pool of advertisers which ensure there are plenty of people to choose your site. However, it does require more polish on site contents then AdSense. As most sites, real time statistics are available and its very easy to get started with this service, but it’s also very flexible.

4. Chitika (

RealContext uses Artificial intelligence to retrieve the most relevant ads for your page. And there’s an extra feature which makes RealContext unique as well. Keywords are selected based upon which previous selections payed off and which didn’t. That means there’s a constant feedback process that ensures you gain better revenue from your ads. It also supports blocking certain adds and child-safe filtering and many more options.

5. AdHearus (

AdHearus is a very feature-packed contextual ad provider. As with AdSense, advertisements are targeted but it doesn’t stop here at all. The ads are very flexible, you can select from text-ads, banners, rectangles, pop-ups, pop-unders or skyscrapers. You can also display your own ads, through rotation, both on your site and on other affiliate sites, which makes AdHearus a hybrid with conventional advertising technologies. There’s a very comprehensive on-line real time reporting feature and, as usual with such services, starting out is free and it’s a breeze.

6. AffiliateSensor (

AffiliateSensor has highly customizable ad blocks, which you can make for yourself with an easy to use on-line interface. You also get realtime reporting with clicks-by-domain, page and refferer. There’s integration with Google AdSense as well, through the google_alternate_ad_url so AffiliateSensor can be used as a substitute for Google PSA’s (Public Service Ads).

7. Kanoodle Bright Ads (

Kanoodle’s offering allows publishers to get ads related to topics or segments, and not the traditional keyword oriented ads. The site also groups publisher sites with advertisers by hand to ensure high-revenue generating ads. And speaking of revenue, the amount of money you receive is a clear 50% share of the amount of money Kanoodle recieves for an advertiser.

8. TargetPoint (

TargetPoint is oriented more towards content publishers. It offers full control over the look the ads, statistics over your site’s overall performance and better revenue. It’s free to register and you earn a guaranteed 60% of the total revenue. You can get payed with Paypal of Bank checks and (most times) wire transfers as well.

9. Clicksor (

Clicksor will earn you as much as 60% from the amount of money your website produces. What you get is about the same as AdSense, there are targeted text ads, you can view the revenues from your website in real time. You can receive money via PayPal or through a check every two weeks, provided that you have earned more then $50. If you haven’t made that much, your earning roll over to the next period

Manage GMAIL with Drag n Drop


GMAIL is the most powerful FREE email services as long as I use an email service provider.

As all you know, GMAIL space always grown up every day. But this is something new in GMAIL, I’ve got an anouncement that we can manage our folder by drag and drop.  Here’s some screen shot for you :

1. Easier to maintain most active folder.

2. Using Drag and drop, we can picking the folder and put it into the top 8 folder on top.


What about you, have you been try this ? Or you still don’t have any GMAIL account :)

It’s worthed to try out.

Picking a Good Web Hosting Company

It is important for good web hosting company to keep your website open and your costs. There are many to choose as well as different pricing plans examiner. Depending on the number of sites that you intend to build, you might consider a larger space in the long term. You must start with the smallest web space that allows you to test the water, just in case niche website Internet marketing does not work for you. You may add later, so make sure your provider offers this option.

canadian_hostYou want to choose a supplier of reliable service. If your site is down or takes too long to open when visitors try to obtain what can lead to click on your site and move to the next. They will most likely not visit in the future will remember their bad experience. For this reason, it is probably better to take a well-known company that you can check reliable references. There are many small hosting providers offer space for as little as $ 50 to $ 1 per month, but you never know what you get and many of them want you to pay at least a year advance worthwhile.

You’ll also want one with the most affordable accommodation. If you can create your own site or build one for you, then you will probably be able to find space for as little as $ 3 to $ 4 by Monday, but if you must choose a company that offers a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) website builder, you’ll probably pay $ 10 to $ 15 per month for the smallest amount of space. But if this is the only way you can build a site, it is necessary.