Vina : Free WordPress Themes

Vina WordPress ThemesJauhari has Launch new GPL License called Vina. As usually he like to design a magazine style in blogs, with dominant white colours and some strip to devide it. It looks like other Premium themes.

If you try to look deeper you will find something unique that might you will like it. Some features in this wordpress themes like :

  • Auto Grabbed and Resized Image on the fly
  • Nicely 2 Columns content with latest featured post
  • A lot of widget
  • Page Comment
  • Grid Based layout
  • Threaded Comment
  • Work Perfect on WordPress 2.7 and WordPress 2.8
  • Extra Ordinary layout
  • Magazine Style
  • Nicely Typography
  • Header Effect with jQuery
  • Image Header
  • FlickrRSS Plugin
  • Popularity Contest Plugin
  • and many many more

Jauhari always completed his work with full customizing themes. Its truly enjoyable, because we don’t have to know about how to edit this themes. It’s all has been done with many widget. All you need is just write a creatives content and anjoy your blog to read by others.

Windows Vista sp2 make things better ?

Vista Service Pack2Today I read a news from that Microsoft has released new service pack for Windows Vista and 2008. It’s combined into a single standalone package and its about 348MB. Till now, I can’t upgrade my Vista into sp1 and Vista service pack2 can be upgraded if we’ve already upgrade our vista into sp1. Maybe I will Reinstall my vista again and update it into the newest service pack.

Now is my question, is it going to be better if we always upgrade our windows vista, or its going to make it run slower than the earlier version ? Ok, here’s I have collect some information that might also interesting for you to read it.

  • SP2 cover third-party application compatibility, such the new ability for Spysweeper and ZoneAlarm to work with POP3 e-mail accounts. Microsoft has also included version 4.0 of its Windows Search technology in the new service pack.
  • SP2 also adds support for the Bluetooth v2.1 specification, improves performance for Wi-Fi connections after resuming from sleep mode, and makes it possible to natively record data to the Blu-Ray optical disk format. The service pack also adds support for Via’s new 64-bit CPUs.
  • For enterprise customers, SP2 fully integrates Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization environment into Server 2008. The service pack also introduces the ability to manage server and desktop power management settings via group policy.

Windows 2008 sp2From those information above is it really important to you to upgrade into SP2 or its fine with vista normally or SP1 if you’re trying VS2008 with SQLServer2008 Express. My own opinion, I like to try a technology and I believed that Microsoft has develop some service so it’s useful event if I don’t know what’s for. :)

Choosing CCNA Certification Training

I have followed few products of CCNA certification, all said that they are the most and how to prepare for the exam, so that the relief to get the product that is both ccna certification training. Various learning methods such as Video Online or CD / DVD provided we make it easier to answer the questions CCNA exam. Video instructions often come off as clumsy and dull. This one does not, this Video has a nice voice (may sound simple, but we are talking about two hours here), and it is interesting and easy to follow. Introduction to video offers many tips on the best way to get certification, and accompanying documentation and how to follow the video, which is important when trying to find out when and where the router is active.

K.AllianceThis is clearly stated that the product is not intended to be the only source for the CCNA exam (640-802). Instruction that focus on the main topics on the exam. Including the router, make up a full 1 / 2 of the laboratory, LAN switching, WAN, and Security. All information, from the basics of the above are presented with clarity and just the right amount of detail. Each topic in the chapter following the Cisco Press CCNA Official Exam Certification Library. Although the nature of the example allows you to use it regardless of the other books or courses that you use.

So, basically, and mental readiness of the material that can make us become more confident for the CCNA exam. I encourage you to visit K. Alliance website and find out more about the products you want to follow in rangkat the CCNA exam. Hopefully this information is useful to you.

Carbonite online backup services

Some people who knew how important is to make a backup copy of data. However, the data that supported – and how reliable backup – is equally important. Imagine trying to get from one back-up that irreplaceable Word document or spreadsheet only to find the disk can not be read.
Remote backup service that is being developed for individuals and small businesses in the last few years, thanks to the broadband connection is fast and cheap server-side storage. In addition, those who are a little more comfortable from now on they a few years ago, belief in their data to an online service, especially if the data is encrypted on your computer and not readable by the manufacturer.

Carbonite Online BackupPeople in search of better opportunities for the loss of irreplaceable files, backup system is in high demand. In looking for backup tool that comes with simple and easy to use online backup services – Carbonite. After that for some time, I can some of the things that I want to share with you. Carbonite Online Backup basically protect files on your computer in case of accidental deletion, theft, disaster or not the station. This online backup service to help all important photos, music, contacts and financial information. Carbonite is really simple and easy to use this service. This online backup service can be used to backup files from a remote computer connected to the Internet. Service seems to be for personal rather than business. Carbonite charges small data backup costs $ 54.95 per year.

Carbonite offers a secure and automatic backup irreplaceable contents to the computer. A small program that is installed on the computer that is running in the background. If new or changed files in the system is a copy of the file automatically. It is a good idea you try Carbonite service before deciding to purchase this service. With the comfort and feel the benefits of this service the more confident you are using this product Carbonite. Have a nice try.

Tembesi, Free GPL WordPress Themes has develop new WordPress Themes called Tembesi, and this themes is a GPL License.  I believe if you’re a fans of Jauhari’s WordPress Themes you’ll not surprise, because it look similiar with other themes that was a magazine style.

As far as I know, this themes is clean and simple. You can figure it out just when you try the live demo and surf in that demo.  Here’s the Feature that available in this themes :

Tembesi FeaturedTembesi WordPress Themes

  • Big Fonts
  • Helvetica Font
  • Popular Post
  • Widget Support
  • Comment Threaded
  • WordPress 2.7 is highly recommended
  • Minimal and useful layout

One thing that bother me in this themes, if you see inside the articles, you will found that it’s not ascending or descending comments. I don’t know why it can be like this but I think it will be fixed in the next released.

Basically it’s nice, Minimalist, and fit for the bloggers.

Changing your Facebook Layout

Bored with the facebook layout without any variation, does not like myspace or friendster that we can Customize accordance with our wishes. Then you need to tried this one. We can changes and customize the Facebook layout by our self.

I made this article for you who like to Customize the look and to full fill if you’re searching from google with this keywords :

  • how to change layout of facebook
  • layout facebook tutorial
  • change facebook layouts
  • facebook change the look

In fact, there are many people seek on this articles. And after search some websites, blogs, and groups that contain tutorial how to change Facebook Layout, I found two different ways:

1. Changing the view of facebook layout using (for mozila firefox user)

  • download add-ons mozzilafacebook_heroes
  • click “add to firefox”, install and restart mozilla firefox.
  • Choose your display here and here.
  • Click on the button “Load into Stylish”.
  • Save and refresh your facebook page.

2. Changing the view of facebook layout using (for the user mozila firefox and internet explorer)

  • Visit Yontoo website.tampilan_facebook
  • Select “Start Installation”
  • install Add-ons and restart mozila
  • Install PageRage application on facebook
  • Select your display
  • Now you can See your Profile

No.1 only works on computers that have installed their own add-on stylish

No.2 only way to work on the computers that are installed add-on Yontoo and install the facebook application pagerege. And this will allows others to view our facebook if they do the same.

Till now, there are no way to change the view and to see all the facebook layouts.

Clean up virus using Trial Antivirus

Lately, I have a problem with local Virus that I just can’t remove it directly using Free Antivirus like, Avira, AVG, or Rising Antivirus. In a local antivirus like PC-MAV can do the job very well, but I’m not satisfied with this antivirus because I’ve got memory leak using PC-MAV.

Unfortunately my PC already infected by “yuyun” viruses and automatically create “Autorun.inf”. This virus was not deadly but it created many shortcut that look like a folder. So, it’s double up the real folder in my PC. This condition happened to almost all the PC at the Office.

Panda Internet Security 2009My first experiment is in my own PC. I started using paid Antivirus called Kaspersky Antivirus 2009 and Panda Internet Security 2009. As all you know that Kaspersky and Panda as Microsoft partner. I use this two antivirus to cleanup all the viruses at my PC including that already in the windows system. Just for you to know I used Windows XP sp2. Because in my laptop I used Vista it’s not a big deal. “Yuyun virus” can’t infected my laptop.

It’s the simple way to clean up all the viruses using those two antivirus or one of them but you must register and update the antivirus first before using it. This software is a trial version but it run prefectly to cleanup the viruses.

Well, after all has been cleaned, installed Avira as you primary antivirus at your PC or laptop and also you must registered.  This is the tips from me and have a nice Monday everybody.

Bunda Sarilah has past away

Bunda Sarilah
Bunda Sarilah Anas

This morning He call me but I’m not available at that time. My wife told me that Jauhari’s mom has past away this morning. In what time exactly she past away till now I don’t have the information about it. But, I’d like to share with Jauhari’s readers and I hope all of you could pray for her and Jauhari’s family’s could be strong to handle this situation.

Bunda Sarilah Anas stayed in Sardjito’s hospital almost for a month and she had complication. Lately bunda Sarilah conditions gone weaker. Food supplement can’t be eaten and it’s makes the condition worse.

I believe that Allah SWT give the best for servants, if this is indeed the best for the bunda we have to Ikhlas to deal with this bro and keep do the best to bunda Sarilah. Hopefully the children and grandchildren becomes sholeh and sholehah and keep fight for your religion.

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate marketing, you will be paid per Sales of products or per lead of some product  that you’re trying to sell and you don’t own the products. Someone goes through all of the Problems of the development of software programs, service or Products for digital content. They will do the work and They collect the money!

Affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing agreement between the product developer, known as the affiliate merchant, and the affiliate marketer with all willing to promote the sale of products through Advertising of the product using any form of legal available resources. This relationship will allow the affiliate merchant to grow their revenue by paying only for the advertising that results in a sale.  And the affiliate marketer will profit by making a percentage on a sale hat he was not responsible for the management after the sale.

The payment of all depends on how the partners Targeted. Some dealers have own affiliate program. You have a special kind of the software that every affiliate marketer a special relationship, promoting the product. The software includes all sales of marketers and the dealer pays the Commission a regularly with a PayPal or other Method of payment.

The selection of the products or services

Your income is directly linked to how well your selected goods or services sold, and the size of the They deserve the Commission, which makes it very important that you carefully when it comes the choice of the partner merchant, you will Partnership with. Select the programs you are not embarrassed to Promotion and programs that you feel comfortable Recommendations to your family and friends as they were questions about.

You can do much better if you promote products that you understand and have been known with. This way you can better Ads without loading itself the right things to say.

You should only provide products and services Companies that the problems Your training and sales tools such as banners and other marketing materials, You can directly or patterns that you even after.

Be on the lookout for programs with the Commission Price not less than 50%. They should preferably about the programs that pay commissions at various levels, which means that you will earn commissions on the sale of the people who buy products via your link and then on to affiliated companies.

How Fecebooker are you ?

Facebook is one of many social networking site in the Internet and I do have an account within. What’s in your mind when you saw the Facebook at the first time ? My personal opinion it was not so interesting when there are no games in this facebook and you can see the techradar opinion.

facebookFor me games and making friends within is the most important in facebook. The other function still explored right now but I do like games at facebook because it didn’t need huge Internet connection and also doesn’t need good graphic accelerator, it’s not like MMORPG.

What’s your opinion about the Facebook and how usefull facebook is for your life, write in this comments.

Video presenting services

Making a good presentation is not an easy job todo. When we have to make a presentation to a big customer that we really want to that company hire us or something to do with their needed, we have to make a good presentation moduls. Here’s a Richter Studios, a professional presenting services that will make you job easier to do.

richter-studiosRichard Smith the CEO of Richter Studios is the one who really has the sense of business. This services can save hundreds or even thousands businessman that need to make a good presentation. They were accustomed to from the custom template for the multi-million dollar deals, the state of the art presentation and business on the basis of presentation deliver complicated presentation in a simple Power Point deck, until your message is visually stunning. The company builds for many of their customers, a truly stands presentation.

You can also contribute to an interactive video by clicking on the offered service of judges from production to Chicago makes your video interactive video performance with a great value and improve your business better. This company is also capable of improving the visibility of your website, your flash easier difficulties programming a CD or DVD production and experts, and much more.

Online Casino Guidance

casino_reviewWith online casinos out there, we could be confused when we going to play the online casino. I think most of them seem to promise the same things with each online casino says it has its own differences that distinguish it from the rest. And it is absolutely impossible for me to check them one by one just to find a sound I can play on.

If you are not so well known on the turns of the online casino, you can end up using a website as a reference, although it provides insufficient information. The advantages by playing on each of the casino and thus you can find information on the roulette table on this website, and maybe have created a solution that fits all people and find the best.

But it would not be a problem anymore, since you can always visit the online casino reviewer online. In some places reviewing online casino and I will tell one that is worth considering. The name of the website is Interesting name, right?

Here at you can see the list of online casinos, which is being reviewed by them. Such reviews are really good as they are written by players who have tried to play at these online casinos. The advantages by playing on each of the casino. You now different casinos offer different things such as different amounts for different welcome bonus pay system and the various software.

Frontier Label the Online Stickers Business

Frontier label the best labels that may be the product manufacturer and magnetic attractive to consumers. Frontier Label started in 2004 as a custom labels and Stickers printing their own. He has already prestigious awards for the printing of the highest quality labels. Once the manufacturer for their labels, they will get it in just one day. You have more choices and better customer service.

Frontier Label can print and send your labels in just one day, if you are willing to pay a little higher, or in five days at normal price. If you are a company that produces bottled and boxed products, you need pressure sensitive labels are printed on hold. Frontier Label is an online digital printers, the mass labels as you need them online.
You can create your label in paper, plastic, metal, paper, vinyl, etc. While many printing companies are still on traditional offset printing equipment, label on the Frontier digital printing, the most modern and cost-effective tool for preparing superior labels and Stickers.
When creating your graphics, the label on the borders, check this page to see the guidelines for exactly what you need.

People always want the best in the purchase of a product. So that the producers do anything to get the best product they can sell. Especially in these days, where many companies to struggle to the global financial crisis. So I think this is the best choices for you make your profit increased.

Type Approval Indonesia

Actually Type Approval is still a new technology for me, because I never involved directly with government and some company or institute that use this technology for their system policy. Especially if you’re living in Indonesia.
Umbul Narmadi is one of the man behind this Type Approval Certification from CV.DIMULTI.

narmadidotcomType Approval could make jobs easier, but also government could become clean by using this certification (I think). I believe there are no perfect system that could eliminate all the mulfunction of human error but at least we could decrease it. is a complete information about this Type Approval technology and also he provide everything like hardware, software, how to get those gadget. 

To get to know better about this technology you can visit and search whatever you need to know about Type Approval Technology.

WordPress Themes in GPL

Here it is I will give you a new site about WordPress Themes like this site. The name is, it is really clear for me that the contents are WordPress Themes Collection in GPL.

As a beginner WordPress user and customizer this site is right for you. You will be able to learn and how to create and modification wordpress themes with these collection. You can edit, modification and everything in that themes for free.
For an example I use Yashfa themes for my own local blog. I can edit the layout, colors, and position as I want to. Themes structure was esay to read and analyze so, as a beginner I could get my own modification with wonderful results. Interesting ;) just grab the Yashfa themes and get your bes shot.

Yashfa Themes

Welcome aboard Jauhari’s Junior

I’m sorry I was late to post about this information, but I still want to write about Jauhari’s Junior. Last week at Thursday, 22 january, 2009 Jauhari got a new toys from his wife ;). He’s born at 14:00 at Mutiara Bunda Hospital, Malang. Yes that’s right He is a boy with 49cm long and 3 kgs weight.

I have a little story about this precess from my wife that also available in the hospital at that time. She saw Jauhari so exiting about their new born child after almost 5 years to wait this moment. Actually he like to documented the birth precess. The first time trial of his camera it work fine and with full of confidance he goes to the birth room and ready to take the shot. BUT …. unfortunately he turn of the video camera by his right hand and click … He didn’t realize that the video camera is off. :D

Well, it’s ok .. keep that moment in your heart my friend and never forget about it so it will keep your family hapily ever after. Congratulation and Welcome aboard Jauhari’s Junior.