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I am a blogger who loves the world of interior design and exterior. And also want to try internet marketing, love sharing tips and tricks about dealing with the internet.

Window Phones 8 stretcher and Jelly bean

More and more vendors are likely to release a smartphone windows phone 8. Just as well as HTC is preparing windows phone 8s and windows phone 8X. Both are the first HTC device that was first given the opportunity to present the OS from Microsoft is. Of the two, windows phone HTC smartphone 8X is the flagship of the line-up company based in Taiwan. Being relatives, windows phone 8S targeting lower… Read Article →

Know Lte

Lte format was first proposed by NTT DoCoMo of Japan and has been adopted as an international standard. Lte Service was first opened by Telia Sonera company in stockholm and oslo on 14th december 2009. Which is followed by the United States and Japan in 2010. Lte network that first release is expected to be deployed globally over the next year as a natural evolution of several 2G and 3G… Read Article →

Sharing files in Mac

Airdrop is a congenital utility Mac OS X operating system that allows you to share files between computers mac via wifi. Actually, you can have the same function, but it is best to airdrop. Unfortunately not all mac support airdrop apps. Macbook airs and mac mini does not support airdrop. But still, you can still download the mac app store, so you can still try out the app drop the… Read Article →

Wifi flame when Connected charger

As an Android smartphone user, you may often connect phone to computer and enable wifi to connect to internet. When you are in a wifi area and a computer, you can plug a device into the computer for charge while connected to a wifi network, or vice versa. Wifi will activate the automatic wifi when the device is connected via USB and turn off wifi when the device is in… Read Article →

Through smartphones and tablets with a variety of exciting applications

Smartphones and tablets have become a popular device for taking pictures or see it. Canon sees this and offers easy to print directly from smartphones and tablets on the number of devices inject Specific her. Yes of it, almost all inject multifunction printer canon wireless technology brings mobile printing. Iphone and ipad users can download the application directly eUPP free through the app store, and allow users can download free… Read Article →

Transfer photos from PC to iphone

iOS users will avoid iTunes wherever possible to send photos to iphone or ipad with USB cable connection to the computer. Even when he is master data synchronization at the apple. It’s easier to send files to the outside iphone with wifi when I want the media to social networking, e-mail accounts and other online sharing services. MultiLoader is the solution to facilitate the process of sending and receiving pictures… Read Article →

Vignette on Android application

Vignette is a camera application that lets you combine 70 filters and 50 kinds of frames to create stunning photo effects. Vignette is also a full-featured camera app like digital zoom, time-lapse, self-timer and so on. With vignette you can adjust the volume button as a physical shutter button. You can also open the application directly from the lock screen if your phone has been using android 4.0 ice cream… Read Article →

Manage many email in your Inbox

Email is a feature that is widely used by smartphone users. Sometimes, users have more than one email account. The number of email addresses to make you should always open your emails one by one through a different inbox. Windows phone 7.5 allow you to run more than one e-mail in it. This platform has a feature called linked box, which you can use to unify multiple email inboxes into… Read Article →