Which one you choose, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome?

If you frequently use the Internet must have tried several browsers, is not it? You can determine the browser which gives the best performance for you, both in terms of speed, features and facilities, as well as be some add on in the browser.

In addition, the safety factor in using the internet is also one very important thing to note. Here we will inform you to compare two types of browsers that you have often used, namely Mozille Firefox and Google Chrome.

As for the other browsers do not try to compare us. Of both browsers, which do you think is best? To answer these questions, there are some criteria that will be used as a reference to choose according to your needs in using the Internet.

Mozilla Firefox 4 Logo
Mozilla Firefox 4 Logo

Mozilla firefox

The browser is available in several versions, including the mobile version and PC version. By default, both browsers are not much different; where you can install some add on to increase the browser performance. For the mobile version, this browser does not provide many options in terms of appearance. This is of course where the screen on a mobile device is quite limited. However, for applications on the desktop PC, you can enjoy various facilities that exist in the browser, such as history, clear cookies, add ons, plugins, and some tools that are needed. Continue reading “Which one you choose, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome?”

How to upgrade your computer memory?

Speed ​​of a computer is affected by many factors, one of which is the hardware used. Some computer hardware that greatly affect the speed of the computer including the processor, memory, and hard disk. From some of the hardware, the most easy to upgrade is memory. How to upgrade the computer memory? Here are some tips that you should do to upgrade memory, such as:

upgrade computer memory

Selecting the type of memory
Before you upgrade the computer memory, the first step is to know the type of memory that is currently used on your computer. Continue reading “How to upgrade your computer memory?”

Wireless settings on the smartphone apps

For smartphone users who have quite a lot of features would be very beneficial if used optimally. Some of the features on a smartphone is pretty much, and often leave you confused to make a choice. You can use some of the features that have a high enough level of usage, one of which is wireless apps. However, to gain the maximum benefit from this feature, of course, in setting up should suit our needs. Here are some factors that influence the success of wireless apps, which are:

wireless appsType of network used
There are some existing facilities and networks on a smartphone, but that is often used is based on 3G networks. Continue reading “Wireless settings on the smartphone apps”

Choose the best wallpaper for mobile

To enhance the look of the gadget, this can be done many ways. You’ve probably tried some of the features and applications that are installed on the gadget itself, ranging from wallpapers, ring tones, games, mobile application, and some accessories that have a gadget. But from some of the accessories, like the use of wallpaper is one simple feature that is widely used. Apart from funny and amazing wallpaper applications specifically intended for mobile devices also can you get for free.

mobile wallpaper

Usually, several applications that function for the optimization of the wallpaper can be used on almost any smartphone, tablet, and some other mobile gadgets. Continue reading “Choose the best wallpaper for mobile”

Retina display in the new series of iPad

Retina Display found on the release of Apple gadgets, especially the iPad, will likely be one feature with its own advantages; especially third-generation tablet has just been released by Apple. When Apple introduced the iPad a few years ago, it seems not many applications that you can find on the iPad, especially for some of the applications available on the App Store. As one solution, Apple will provide an opportunity for all developers to go try design the iPhone app, which will be run on iPad screen as a highly modern technologically. Where the application can be run on the iPad screen by utilizing some of the features on iPad screen.

If we consider, the application will be run in two-mode system, using a technique often referred to as pixel doubling for iPad application screen. Although it sounds fairly complete and modern, but there are still some shortcomings, for example, is when the application runs on two types of modes, both the artwork and text applications will see some disturbance on the surface of the screen. Continue reading “Retina display in the new series of iPad”

How to choose games for your tablet?

The use of tablet PCs is certainly increasing its own opportunities for developers of applications, including gaming facilities that have been intensified. As for tablet PC users, the existence of fairly varied games certainly provides a lot of choice, especially for some types of games with certain features. If you want to install games in your tablet with a variety of games, of course, you must select the appropriate type of game, though now almost all the games can integrate with existing applications on any tablet PC.

In order to avoid decreasing the performance of a tablet, it is advisable to choose the type of games with the features and facilities Continue reading “How to choose games for your tablet?”

How to resolve conflicts on computer server?

Computer network applications that still use the cable connecting the facility does have many flaws, one of which is the conflict on the computer network. Such conditions often become one of the causes of trouble of the computer server, where the server is able to experience a “down“, especially if the client computer on the network is quite a lot. But this kind of trouble can be overcome by adding some of servers that will serve as a backup in case of this condition. In addition to network issues, server can also be impaired due to the amount of bandwidth on Internet applications, particularly when used to play streaming facilities.

However, these conditions will not occur if you use applications that use wireless networks and equipped with several large-capacity of server. A server with high-speed hardware is highly recommended, especially if the client computer a lot. Continue reading “How to resolve conflicts on computer server?”

Cause LCD screens monitor problems

The use of LCD screens did not continuously recommend. This is usually due to the durability of the screen is different when compared with CRT monitors. There are so many distractions and causes that can damage the screen. One of the obstacles often encountered in using LCD screens are usually the surface of the screen that has begun to fade, the display does not light up, crystal has been broken, and many more problems that occur. Some disorders are also caused by many things, such as lack of maintenance, overuse, and the unstable electric power is used.

In addition, the resolution setting the maximum mode can also cause damage to the existing pixel element on the screen. Continue reading “Cause LCD screens monitor problems”

How to select the best CPA network

To run multiple internet businesses do we have to choose the best and can provide substantial revenue. If you are interested in trying some of the online business, like CPA networks could be a promising alternative, but because the commission is large enough, such businesses are also easy to do. You can select multiple existing types of CPA advertising, where every service they provide benefit that is different. Of the several types of this kind of business, you should indeed be able to determine, what you think is best.

cpa networkingMany people who also want to try to run a business like this, but they do not know the system to be run, so it often goes wrong in running the business. But if you’ve really understood the CPA networks, I believe that substantial benefits will you get in the not too long. While to get the maximum results, of course, we should be able to try the various systems and methods, but all the success lies in you. Continue reading “How to select the best CPA network”

How to run an online business

Maybe you’ve asked how to run an online business properly and correctly, is not it? Actually there is no provision that is sure to do this because basically the success of an online business is how we do it right. The number of failures experienced by most people is usually an obstacle, or they were wrong in making and implementing systems that will be executed. As we all know that online business is not a promising business success in a fast, where you still have to take into account the factor of loss and failure.

To achieve success in running an online business, then you have to understand the characteristics and types of existing businesses, so that the target you want can be achieved with the maximum. As for the risk of failure is usually to look for a solution, especially in choosing the method that is executed. You have to really understand the existing system on the business, so that potential losses can be minimized. Continue reading “How to run an online business”

How to choose minimalist theme for website

To create a website, the most important factor is the performance of the website. One important point to consider is how to choose a suitable theme for the website. You can choose a theme according to the type of existing websites. With the look of the themes that are suitable and fast loading is certainly one of the advantages for you. But with the design we should be able to customize the type of website that we will use. Of some existing theme, usually we have to avoid using “flash themes”, where the theme is quite heavy at the time of loading.

So that the themes that will be used to directly provide a fairly good performance, it looks like minimalist design is the best option for you. Continue reading “How to choose minimalist theme for website”

Choose the Appropriate memory card capacity

If you have multiple mobile devices, like smartphones, tablet PCs, and some kinds of other gadgets, of course, the presence of storage media is very important. There are several types of memory cards that can be used, such as microSD, MMC, and some other media storage. For some types of gadgets, the need for a memory card is very important, where appropriate capacity will provide comfort if you are storing files in large enough quantities. Like for example if you have a tablet PC that supports modern applications, the function of a large enough memory card is needed.

memory card

Usually for a few gadgets, the need for adequate memory card is about 16 GB and 32 GB. Both have very adequate capacity if later used for storing some music files and other multimedia, such as video and streaming. Continue reading “Choose the Appropriate memory card capacity”

Which one you choice, LCD monitor or CRT monitor?

Functions of a computer monitor are very important. You can perform a variety of office work with appropriate computer software, advanced, and is equipped with various modern applications intended to support your work. Computer usage appropriate to their needs is highly recommended, as well as the monitor facility. There are many types of monitors that you can use, such as LCD and CRT. Each monitor has its advantages and disadvantages, and different functions. Although basically a monitor is one of your appendages in using computers, but you should be able to choose, think about what monitor to suit your needs, LCD or CRT?

lcd monitor design

LCD monitor : For various applications, such as graphics, animation, editing images, and some other applications, the use of LCD monitors are highly recommended. In addition to providing image display is sharp and clear, the technology used in LCD monitors is also safe for your eye health. This is because the radiation released by the monitor is almost non-existent. Why is that? This is because the technology used in the form of a liquid crystal display (LCD). But for long term use, the LCD monitor is still inadequate. Continue reading “Which one you choice, LCD monitor or CRT monitor?”

How to open blocked sites

key blocker site appsThere are many ways to block sites on the Internet. Could be through internal corporate proxy, through the facilities of DNS, software, and various other facilities. Besides, you also can open the blocked sites. Here are some tips you can use to open a blocked site, such as:

Using a web proxy : Today many applications available that provide free services to be able to access a blocked website, one of which is a web proxy server facility. Some of them are hidemyass.com, kproxy.com, anonymouse.org, and proxy.org. Continue reading “How to open blocked sites”

How to maximize battery gadget from apple ( part 2 )

This article is continue from previous tips about maximize your gadget battery from Apple, such as :

Turn on airplane mode : When not using the internet or calling activity, it helps you turn off Airplane mode. This mode is going to turn off the phone reception and wireless, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

battery for apple gadget

Avoid push email : If you often get a lot of emails, schedule on the calendar, and are in a condition always check with the synchronization, then these conditions can make the batteries run out quickly. To overcome this, you can perform checked it manually. Continue reading “How to maximize battery gadget from apple ( part 2 )”

Best design PC tablet from Toshiba

Android-based tablet computer competition is so tight makes every producer should bring something different. This makes the Toshiba want to try the competition. To support the development of tablet PCs, Toshiba launched one of their products, named Toshiba REGZA AT 1SO. To ensure all applications and the Android operating system available on the product, especially Android 3.2 Honeycomb can be used well, Toshiba REGZA AT1SO rely on Tegra 2 processor as the hardware that supports the full application.

toshiba regza at1so

With a capacity of 1 GHz processor, you can run a variety of mobile applications smoothly and stable. Continue reading “Best design PC tablet from Toshiba”