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What iOS 7 inside after Launch in Few month Ago?

After launching iOS 7 to the public on 19 September 2013 ago, Apple’s cash being crowded discussed in various online media. Pros and cons of the latest design iOS 7 was not inevitable. But definitely for iOS device users, with … Read More

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Custom Dynamic Wallpaper in iOS 7

Apple recently introducing unique Wallpaper in iOS 7, beside using parallax effect. Now is iOS 7 user able to made some Custom Dynamic Wallpaper on it. Hamza Sood, one iOS Developer made some tiny code to make custom dynamic wallpaper … Read More

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Fingerprint Sensor Confirmed in Code References in iOS 7 Beta 4

iPhone 5S with Fingerprint sensor confirmed in code references found in iOS 7 Beta 4. Recently Apple has been seeded and bring OTA update to the latest beta, iOS 7 Beta 4. The most interesting is, from Code References in … Read More

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Water Damaged Phone? What to Do

One of the most common accidents with mobile phones is dropping them in water and unfortunately in many cases mobile phone insurance policies fail to cover for water damage. That’s why it’s useful to know exactly what to do in … Read More

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The iPhone App Development Process

The Apple development culture is very different from that of all other software programmers. The programming community cannot be sure why this is the case, but it seems that people who set out to be iOS app developers always seem … Read More

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Primary Reason Why Apple Grosses More Than Android

Apple is an old company that invented and sold some of our oldest computer systems. They are still creating Apple Mac computers. They are an old and powerful company that has a great deal of credibility and a high reputation. … Read More

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