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Ashton Kutcher chosen to play as Steve Job in Jobs Film

For those of you Apple fans as well as film, this time will be pampered at the same time. Because the latest news said that Sony has optioned the biography of Steve Jobs to become a feature film. As we … Read More

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Apple releases iOS 5.0.1 with battery fixes, bug fixes and more

Thursday November 10th, is a special day for Apple users. Why? Because, on Thursday Apple has released their first update to the new IOS Version 5, IOS 5.0.1. The update from Apple includes multitasking gestures for the original iPad, bug … Read More

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Gmail App began to be used through your iPhone

Happy news again comes from Google, the company is as tireless in expanding its market reach. This time iPhone users and other iOS can be encouraged, this is because now Google apps have already been made ​​available for iOS like … Read More

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Apple negotiating with Hollywood to add movies to the iCloud service

The latest news coming from Apple’s well-known companies. Who at the time not long ago led to the phenomenal iPhone 4S. We certainly have been familiar with products made ​​by Apple is famous for its quality. As already mentioned in … Read More

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New iMac 2011, understanding what you needed

Desktop Mac like iMac has a special places in their user hearts. And now Apple has release the new iMac with some fascinating features. iMac released in two different type of intel processor, quadcore i5 and i7. You may choose … Read More

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