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BlackBerry to Launch VoIP to Compete Hangout

BlackBerry Messenger is currently known as the messenger service that comes with video calling. But in the future, it is likely that this application will be equipped with features such as video calling available on Google Hangout or Skype is owned … Read More

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BlackBerry vs Android Smartphone

Thanks to inspiration from a neighboring blog about Android vs Blackberry smartphone users and Iphone, with this I tried to share the experience on a smartphone, because if the iphone has not been able to buy.

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Various Blackberry Apps for Multiple purpose

Blackberry Personal Lock  Like other apps, the application also has a similar function is to lock certain features on your blackberry. The difference is, if the lock apps function to lock the application of this so it can be used by … Read More

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Latest Tips : How to speed up your Blackberry

For the BlackBerry users, of course it’s very annoying when your gadget running very slow when running the application. And to solve the problem here are some tips that can make your Blackberry run faster. Here is a trick to … Read More

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Create an avatar builder using simple avatar apps for Blackberry

Photo is one of the user identity is displayed on the contact profile of your Blackberry. And like the photo on the social media, you are also free to apply the photo on your Blackberry. But the interesting here you … Read More

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What is offered by RIM on OS 7.1

Blackberry has recently introduced several improvements to existing features in the OS 7 as they would in response to growing consumer demand. Improvements made to the OS 7.1 bring some excellent features that have been awaited by smartphone users. Some … Read More

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