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Playing Games With Your Child, In Your Own Backyard

Many children are aware of the fact that bugs and birds are living animals, but many do not know that plants and flowers are also living. For that reason, you may want to teach them about plants and flowers. Depending … Read More

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Palestine on the way to Freedom

As all you know that Palestine in pain right now. I just can’t imagine how painful they are and many citizen dies every single day. What can we do to help them suppose they will get their freedom? As a Wordpress Themes Developer, Jauhari also want to take apart by making a Free Themes for Palestine, just to remember how cruel Israel was and hoping Palestine will get out from the painfulness.

I believed that Palestine will get their Freedom soon, because right now almost all the Moslem in this world prayed for them and with the power of faithful I believed God will set them free too.

One more thing that I can’t understand, why America could be defeated by Israel only in 10 minutes. But it doesn’t matter, because till now Palestine still can fight and will fight back to get their freedom.

What about you my friend, what have you done to help Palestine ? Read More

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Google Spreadsheets Invitation

Thanks to google that you allowed me to try you labs product. The wonderfull product “Google Spreadsheets. I will test this and what I can do with this. Let’s play the new toys. Get it now

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My Websitesasgraphs

This My website flower that generate with this nicely tools ( Please remember, to generate this great flower, you need Java Virtual Machine Installed on your machine and happy make you own flower. And the last, let me know you … Read More

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Yahoo! Audibles Indonesia Edition

The Big Internet Company Yahoo! was released new Audibles International edition. Yeah Indonesia :) right know you can use to chat with all you friends or enemy with this cute new! Audibles. There are – Halo Sayang – Apa Khabar … Read More

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Flickr New Face

Yes yes I love new Yahoo Flickr Interface. Look so simple but Powerfull, Why Powerfull? Look the Main Menu? So Simple and have sub menu that handle all our fave tools. From Organize until Explore photos. On the right side … Read More

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