Anticipation of the many scams on Your Facebook

The existence of social media today it has become a sort of mandatory requirement for the netters. But today there are so many things that you should be aware, especially since the frequent occurrence of the various scams that take advantage of Facebook, either through fan pages, messages, or profile. There are various scams that are designed in such a way, especially for those who are new to Facebook and less careful in dealing with a wide range of issues surrounding the fraud.

facebook scam

To avoid damages to you, of course you have to understand, like what kind of fraud has the potential to harm the Facebook users. These conditions usually have a significant impact on some Facebook users who are less concerned about this kind of action, so that they do not understand, does this include fraud or not. Continue reading

Will Facebook users has Decreased?

If the observed recent years, it seems that there are some features on Facebook is not experiencing much change, even monotonous. If the condition is not addressed by the addition of various features and facilities, it is not impossible that Facebook users will decline. It is based on several surveys on social media during the period of several years.

best facebook features

Applications and features available on Facebook does not provide a lot of options, especially for the latest features that can be integrated with multiple mobile devices, so users can more freely interact with fellow members Faceboook. This condition actually has become sort of a separate program for Facebook in the future, but it seems to have been no definite realization, though now there are a few extra features on the front page of Facebook. Continue reading

Doing Business through Facebook

The rise of internet users led to a users social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, etc. This situation of course show the various model in the online world, every site on the internet vying for the top position as the king of social networking. But today Facebook was the one who managed to surpass other social networking sites.

Business model using social Media

Best practice doing business through facebook

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How to Tweet and Post Facebook from Lock Screen in iOS 6

The emergence of iOS 6 provides a separate facility on your gadget. Lots of updates and the ease you can get.

Apple Siri

Apple Siri

With the loyal assistant siri all becomes easier. And one of that is the feature that lets you tweet and post to Facebook from the Lock Screen using Siri. There are also settings for your security, so your device safety from send out random messages. Continue reading

What benefit Facebook buys instagram?

facebook buys instagram

Development of several social networking sites are increasingly providing many benefits to internet users. The same thing is happening on Facebook. As one social networking site of the greatest, Facebook seems to always give the best for its users. Facebook has recently also been acquired photo-sharing service, which is instagram. With facebook buys instagram and purchased their service, then automatically all the features on instagram can be directly integrated with Facebook, such as photo sharing, uploading images, video streaming, and some other services.

facebook buys instagramYou also still can store various pictures on instagram with several features that have been improved. Continue reading