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Convert audio and Video to be played on a Gadget

The variety of smartphones and tablet devices that support different multimedia formats is quite difficult. Especially if you have a multimedia file and want to run it from the device, but in fact the file is not supported. This is … Read More

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Analyze the level of internet speed

With the development of internet technology, must be accompanied by an increase in various areas of the service. Speed ​​of a data and also access to a number of websites may be one benchmark in determining the speed of the … Read More

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Choosing Android app that suits your needs

Various kinds of Android applications available today are much provide an option for us. This we can know through various mobile devices that most of use Android as the operating system of their products. Some versions of Android ever include … Read More

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How to increase visitor for Corporate Website

Commonly, a corporate website is a static type that contain profile, product, news, and contact. This kind of website is dead, they won’t recognized by search engine and definitely no one will see their website. Creating a business website as … Read More

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How To Hard Reset on iOS Device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

There are so many reason to hard reset our iOS Device, for me the most important thinks is reset our iOS memory or same setting that keep run when we do standard shutdown. Now I will show you how to … Read More

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Howto Using jQuery masonry inside your wordpress themes

Recently I created a wordpress themes using jQuery.masonry. Masonry is a layout plugin for jQuery that make our layout very flexible between articles, and it could float horizontally and vertically. Basically, this plugin create a new #div when the site loading … Read More

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