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Google partnered with eyeglasses Factory for their products

After the last article about the LG that produces Hour Smart and Smart Lamp, now comes news of smart sunglasses made ​​a giant company Google. Glass that Google has developed Google today is probably the product that is in demand … Read More

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Using Google Maps Android Application when Offline

Google Maps is one very important application for Android devices. These applications can make travel when combined with GPS. Unfortunately, the Google Maps application is always connected to the Internet when in use so it will pretty much take your … Read More

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Why a website exposed to the Sandbox?

The characteristics of the article hit the Google sandbox is one of the most feared , bitch . How not , the article that had been on a pretty good SERP position suddenly disappeared from SERP . Initially thought the … Read More

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Download books from Google books

Do you like to read in books google services ( from google? Tired of desktop applications that often fails when going to download digital books from google books due to copyright restrictions?

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Are now in the cell phone spying?

Spyware in the scatterplot in these devices start at call illegal spyware to spy attack , called the red October . Was named FinSpy spyware module , which was developed by British company , Gamma International. Spyware is used for … Read More

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Relaxing for a Moment with the Mini Game from Google Chrome

After working a long time with your favorite browser google chrome, of course you want to feel the entertainment by playing games for example. Lucky you use google chrome, because you do not have to bother looking for a way … Read More

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