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Bunda Sarilah has past away

This morning He call me but I’m not available at that time. My wife told me that Jauhari’s mom has past away this morning. In what time exactly she past away till now I don’t have the information about it. But, I’d like to share with Jauhari’s readers and I hope all of you could pray for her and Jauhari’s family’s could be strong to handle this situation.

Bunda Sarilah Anas stayed in Sardjito’s hospital almost for a month and she had complication. Lately bunda Sarilah conditions gone weaker. Food supplement can’t be eaten and it’s makes the condition worse.
I believe that Allah SWT give the best for servants, if this is indeed the best for the bunda we have to Ikhlas to deal with this bro and keep do the best to bunda Sarilah. Hopefully the children and grandchildren becomes sholeh and sholehah and keep fight for your religion. Read More

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Enjoy The New Look of Jauhari.NET!

Are you being surprised with this new theme? Yes, you have to. Jauhari.Net‘s newest theme is focused on soft color, heavily to be loaded and of course faster than previous theme. Even this theme (named Padangan) is not final yet, … Read More

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Thanks you Waroeng Network

Yes I want say big thank you to my friends at waroeng network for their support and make my new domain up, Thanks. This domain really special to me, because I register wit DOT ID. :)

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