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The new “Firefox with Bing” browser sets Bing as the default search engine and comes with Bing configured as the start page

News fresh breeze coming from the famous company Microsoft. To enhance the marketability and attract media users search, Microsoft is trying to establish cooperation with Mozilla, and will be offering a custom version of Firefox that will come with Microsoft’s … Read More

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Prepare to welcome the presence of Firefox 6

Once we see some updates from IOS 5, now we switch to the browser engine. I am a fan of one of these browsers, and even now I use it. This browser is Mozilla’s Firefox. The latest information says, after … Read More

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Mozilla Firefox Extensions ( add-ons )

One factor that causes Firefox is quite popular is the existence of extensions in various platforms, such as GNU Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and various Unix operating systems, as well as some recent operating systems that support the … Read More

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Firefox goes mobile

This is what i’m waiting for long time, Firefox goes mobile. The Code Name was Fennec and realesed the alpha 1. Unforunately Fennec support only at Nokia N810, If you’re viewing this on an N810, install Fennec. But, Fennec also available to test at Desktop and you could try this in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

I hope at the final released this Fennec was better than any other mobile browser and it could run under Java application. Read More

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Why Opera Browser doing this?

I don’t know why Opera doing this? I was made two screen shot betwen Internet Explorer and Opera Browser 9 Series. Like what you see in this screen shoot the DOWNLOAD link for Mozilla Firefox 2.x was disappear from that … Read More

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Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Beta 2

I love the new beta, I was waiting for a while to download the updates and great work to Mozilla team. in this beta 2 they have new slick icon and nicely tab bar. Look this screen shoot on the … Read More

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