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Thanks for Interviewing me

I’d like to say thank you to Medhy Aginta. Few days ago he sent some email to interview me and ask something about my He gave some question to answer by me. The question was talk about behind the scenes of my, when did I started blogging, Free WordPress Themes services, why blog and many more. But to all of you which live not in Indonesia and didn’t understand Indonesian language, you will be able to get a little bit difficult to understand this interview. I hope Mr. Medhy Aginta would translate it into an English ;)

So if you want read the interview, you can go to Medhy Aginta blog and read the interviews. And of course you can leave some feedback. Keep on fighting and enjoy your live. What’s your breakfast today my friends? Read More

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So It Must Be Nice

I really happy when admin from sent me some emails, and she said thank you for creating wonderful theme for her blog. So She sent me some donation for some tweak her blog. What make me really happy is … Read More

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If Everyone Cared

This one of my favorite song from Nickelback, Yes I think this song really nice, they bring new spirit to make this live better, make something wonderful, love each other and care. Nickelback is one of my favorite band too, … Read More

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Thanks you Waroeng Network

Yes I want say big thank you to my friends at waroeng network for their support and make my new domain up, Thanks. This domain really special to me, because I register wit DOT ID. :)

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Muafael Khosyi Ananda Izza

Temanku udah pada berhasil, entah di dunia kerja maupun melahirkan keturunan, dan bulan ini Mas Jamal ‘Aceh’ juga telah mempunyai Jundi baru dengan nama ‘Muafael Khosyi Ananda Izza’ Semoga dengan kelahirannya menambah barokah Keluarga, saudara dan seluruh Umat di bumi … Read More

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We Back!

How long? Why this Happen? When? Who? this not about that… but it about my heart :D You know that, almost 2 week my was DOWN! :( and I try to access to forum, they down to :(( … Read More

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