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Ubuntu 10.10: How to Save Batteries Energy Notebook / Laptop

Do you feel the battery netbook/laptop is very wasteful? Disturb you while doing office work? Here are some tips to further save battery energy for your netbook/laptop.

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How to Play swf files in Ubuntu

Want to play the *. swf format files from the Ubuntu desktop? Listen to instructions follows.

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How to Install Ubuntu without partitioning

If you tried Ubuntu, usually we need to prepare a special partition. Making a partition means to allocate some disk space for Linux and spend plenty of time to change the partition. There’s an easier way to use Ubuntu. You … Read More

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How to install Linux Ubuntu (2)

After the disk partitioning process is complete and then clicks Close. For direct installation, you can click the install icon on the desktop and wait for the loading process. Then we will determine the language we use. Then click forward. … Read More

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How to install Linux Ubuntu (1)

For the record disk used is 10GB (not the partition) 256MB memory, Intel P4 2.4GHz processor and the installation using VMware Workstation. Before you install Ubuntu, the BIOS must set the Boot Device Priority first, installing Ubuntu in Boot Device … Read More

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Gusty Gibbon Most Wanted Features

After running Microsoft for a while I tried new Operating System and I choose Ubuntu. I was used Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) for a while and I really love with it. For browsing, edit some xhtml with Scite is superb. … Read More

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