Choosing the right Mobile application

Currently, many mobile applications are complete enough to function . Along with the increasingly complex communication needs fast , full-featured , and that definite ease in daily activities , of course, we should be able to choose which mobile applications that suit our needs .

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Some mobile apps that some time ago had become a boom include whatsapp , WeChat , KakaoTalk , line , and many more similar applications . All of the apps you can get for free on mobile online service providers , such as Google play . But often to be able to install the application , we are constrained by the type of operating system used , for example, how the Android series and so on .

However, this time by increasing competition among service providers , of course, they also make it easier for the operating system as one in otherwise require considerable equally effective media campaign to introduce any mobile product that they have.

Obviously if we have enough time to compare between mobile applications with one another , white has advantages and disadvantages respectively . Now depending on how we will choose which applications , and of course adapted to the needs of the application, whether it can help us be more optimal or not .

In general, all applications are almost the same , which is limited to the facility of sending short messages , photos, documents, video files , images , and others . Even some of which could be used as a direct download facility , which nowadays is a critical need in the world of information technology , such as that once we are familiar with the term cloud technology .

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  1. Elfatica says:

    You miss telegram, one of the next generation of Whatsapp :)

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