Complete codecs package for Windows 8

windows codecsMedia playback codecs in importance in media playback on the computer. Unfortunately, windows 8 codecs rather difficult to find a package that can play various audio and video files. The solution, you can use shark007 for windows 8. Download application shark007 free codecs for windows 8 at the following address:

  1. At the time of the installation process, the application will prompt you to install the toolbar babylon to the computer. You can avoid the installation phase by removing the check mark on my browser set default search provider to Babylon toolbar, and then click the install button to run the installation process.
  2. After running the installation process, the application will be posted on the pin icons start screen settings in Windows 8. In this way, you can execute and uninstalling codecs package from the start screen.
  3. In settings window. You will find various tabs, such as config, misc, audio, AVI, H264, MKV, MPEG – DVD, windows SWAP, and help. In the config tab and audio misc. You can configure a variety of settings in the app. Meanwhile tab AVI, H264, MKV, MPEG and DVD provide the configuration settings for the file format.
  4. Click the Audio tab to specify the output cannel to the media. You can determine by checking the audio bitstreaming TrueHD / DTS only (SPDIF / Coax) and turn off bitstreaming. You need to remember. Results from the audio output settings are very dependent on the machine hardware specifications. You can also use the app settings recommended shark007 Suggested settings contained in the audio.
  5. Shark007 In the new version, you will find a tab windows swap that gives the opportunity to choose codecs owned by Microsoft or a third party such as the LAV’s PDVD12 codecs and codec.
  6. Click the exit button after specifying all the settings in the codecs. What shark007 you download can only be installed above the windows 8. If you are using windows 7, download shark007 special version for windows 7 operating system.

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