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I lived in Indonesia, but I like to explore the United state laws articles. I’ve got several information about Van Nuys DUI legal penalties while you’re under Influences. In Indonesia, the police won’t busted people in drug treatment that cause sleepy while using those drugs. I found this information from a Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer that has many ability take cases at several district.

Perhaps in different country they has different Criminal Attorneys so it has their own laws. I like when the police strick to the law and can’t be negotiated, but unfortunately some police still doing it in our country. I hope in the next periode the government can finish this majority problems and become peacefull communities.

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  • khalik

    nice info, thanks for sharing :)

  • But in Indonesia you have three option, go to the court, give money to the police or runaway. Lol

    • ava

      this is the real condition in my country,..


  • That’s America, the law is really enforced. Whoever he is, if breaking the rules will be penalized

  • Thank You Very Much, Your Article Was Help Me to Create My Home Work

  • If you in Indonesia and you drunk while drive your car, then the police stop your car, there’s two option…money or jail, LOL

  • Good article. Its GREAT BLOG Mr Jauhari!
    Salam ACTION!