Download Opera Mini 5 Beta

Opera Mini 5 Beta now can be the best choice of web browser for smartphone or Java-based mobile. This free software already fulfilled with the mobile Internet access features which are as comfortable as access at the computer such as serve tab, speed dial, and manager password.

With tab, many web addresses can be open together for an example open in the same time the Facebook address, Twitter, Google, etc. The users are only moving into one address to another address with free without have to leave the previous address. Moreover there is no limit how many pages that can be open.

Speed dials shows 9 thumbnail the user web’s address on the front page when the browser is in active. This feature is easy to make access to the famous pages or the most frequently visited with faster because you only press the thumbnail without have to type the web’s address

Opera Mini 5 Beta also already support the manager password which is will keep the login address and the user password to many sites. With this feature, browsing to the sites which ask the identity and password such as an email, social sites, and forum can does faster without retype.

Besides that features, Opera Mini 5 Beta also come with fresh new looks. Designed for comfort able to the set of keypad or even touch screen basis. The navigation using special panel, that panel serve the button to speed dial, back, next, reload, and shutdown. At the central part also there is menu for setting, bookmark, history, saved pages, find in page, and help.
At the front page also a menu to Google search to faster the search, but no choices to change the basic color theme as previous version.

To get this software downloads directly by type at web’s browser which is you already used. Opera Mini 5 Beta will not replace the previous version so you can compare the benefits.

  • manstaaaaaaab postingnya gan,,,,,,, ikut dodownload ogut

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  • anhy

    ghe mna cranya download opera mini 5 beta

  • I loved opera mini
    it since it first came out.

  • Emikalia khoti

    Bisa download kah mas? Thanks alot

  • was having probs upgrading to Oper Mini 5

  • wah keren banget mas.. selain itu opera ada di iphone juga lho.. makasi ya mas jauhari :)

    saya nitip blog atuh ya ^^
    Michael Jackson

  • Opera mini5beta

  • Thanks atas informasi downloadnya, izin sedot opera mini5 beta.
    Kejadian – Kejadian Aneh Dan Misterius Seputar Perang Gaza. (ALLAH TIDAK DIAM) Klik disini

  • Mgsarwar

    Its eazy to use

  • mas…opera buat iphone juga ada kok.. saya sudah coba. bagus

  • Operamini 5 oke banget..

  • wah..keren banged blog punya mas…. makasi banyak opera mini nya



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  • rnya dwnlod file pake operamini persi 4.Ko gk bs slalu eror.Mhn solusinya?Mksh

  • ariz

    mas kasi tw cara download opera gw kesulitan ni

  • Wahdi Mh

    Mas Jau! Gmn cr dwnld Opmin5bt2-x? Thak’s…!

  • Arif

    Om,mau tanya ni..Gmn ya crnya dwnlod file pake operamini persi 4.Ko gk bs slalu eror.Mhn solusinya?Mksh

  • Samdeep

    It is wonder in the mobile web world.

  • Om… Boleh ikut Download operanya y.. thank’s Om Udin

  • Opera mini is great. thanks Om

  • was having probs upgrading to Oper Mini 5 :(

  • opera mini
    very nice

  • will upgrade to this beta version of Opera mini 5 for my smartphone