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Pictures, they say, could represent more than a thousand words. In order you shots look more colorful, use a photo editor app available on desktop and mobile platforms. With it, you can run the tweak and filter according to taste. In Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit, you can use fhotoroom to edit a new photo or drawing a basic level, such as cropping, resizing, sharp, and so on. You can download fhotoroom the store windows in http://apps.micorosft.com/webpdp/en-ca/appfhotoroom/4d91298a-07cb-40fb-aecc-4cb561d53c1. Just follow the following guidelines:

  1. To get the app, go to the store windows, then type fhotoroom to search and hit enter.
  2. From the results for, select fhotoroom store windows to access the page and click install.
  3. Interface app puts edit tools at the bottom of the app. You can run the entire image editing process of this section. To select the image file, choose click or tap on the lower left corner of the app interface, and search for the image file to be edited in the directory. You can apply various effects and filters from the app bar, in the edit, styles, and frames.
  4. Click or tap on the app bar basic editing to find a number of editing tools, including crop, edit brush, exposure, colors, sharpen, rotate, resize, and flip. By choosing one of the options edit or edit, then you can specify some parameters. For example, click the colors remedy tool set saturation, white balance, contrast, and other select image. Or click the crop tool to cut the image. Click the Apply button to apply the effect you create. The thing to remember, no dice or redo option, so you cannot return the edited image to its original state.
  5. Click or tap on the style to apply various effects such as Instagram. Some of the effects that you can apply are leaks, Americano, Tsar, classic pro, tinge, Velvia X, Herc, rain, and commodities.
  6. Click or tap on the frames to provide a frame or frames to image files. Most of the available frame looks old-fashioned, but some effects such as film, Polaroid 2, grundge 1 you can choose to frame your picture in order to look beautiful.
  7. Click or tap the save U.S. to keep all the effects that you make to the photo. You can save your edits into JPG, or PNG. You can also rename images editing results and select the folder to save the file. Version of the free app just to give you an opportunity to edit the image file to a larger size, you must use pro license which cost U.S. $ 1.49.

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