Enjoy The New Look of Jauhari.NET!

Old and New

Old and New Jauhari Footer

Are you being surprised with this new theme? Yes, you have to.

Jauhari.Net‘s newest theme is focused on soft color, heavily to be loaded and of course faster than previous theme. Even this theme (named Padangan) is not final yet, but it will be available for you to download (and of course for a FREE) once it is finalized.

Padangan is the name of a small village in Pojong where Jauhari is came from.

  • Great Job!!! Can we download now pls ;-) ???

    Thanks a lot Jauhari, you are the best.

  • yang ini lebih web 2.0, halah! cool kang.

  • I am going to download it, thanks dude.

  • Thanks Bro :)

  • indonesia makin kreatif :D

  • “Padangan pertama, awal aku berjumpa”

    Yes, that’s a song by Arrafiq, recompile by Slank and Nirina Zubir.

    And yes, this is OOT :d

  • cute redesign dude :D

  • Thanks for your feedback bro ;)

  • nice new look! really cool :d