First aid Smartphone with Water

Today, many Smartphone have the capability waterproof that the mark by IP67 certificate supports. For example Sony Xperia acro S, Motorola Defy Mini, Samsung Xcover 2 and so on. Thus, there would be a problem if exposed to water or extreme splashed into the water. What if ordinary Smartphone that had the misfortune of those? Here are the steps that can be applied as first aid if the phone is exposed to water, so that your phone is safe from the threat of destruction.

Dry the phone
Dry your phone by using a towel or other soft textured fabric. In order for the water in your phone out, shake your phone gently. Avoid drying the phone by using a hair dryer or a hair dryer because the circuit is in the mobile phone is very susceptible to heat.

Use alcohol
Use alcohol to remove water from the cell phone. In addition to evaporate more quickly, alcohol can also force the water out.

Piled with rice
It may sound strange, but the rice has a moisture absorbing properties, therefore pile up the phone in the rice overnight can also help reduce the humidity level of your phone.

Use drybox
Drybox is a storage medium that is equipped with a series of tools to ensure that the moisture stored inside awake. By placing the device in a drybox as low as possible. This is very well done so that the moisture level of your phone can be reduced slowly but stay safe.

Bring to a technician
If all businesses have to do, but your phone can not be turned on it’s time to take your phone to an experienced mobile technicians. Do not be ashamed to admit that your phone is damaged due to the floods. This is because you need to do your own phone basically having generally been equipped with a certain indicator that shows that the phone has been exposed to water.

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