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Free WordPress Theme: Pesta Blogger


This is my Fresh WordPress Theme, this theme powered by 960.gs CSS Framework. Pesta Blogger is unique and grid based wordpress theme that dedicated for Pesta Blogger yearly event in Indonesia. I hope my small contribute, able to make this event more succesfully in this year (2009)

I used some featured such as Auto Grabbed Image (with or without custom field), latest post different style, sticky post, widget, jQuery animation, multi level menu on categories and page and many more. You check Pesta Blogger demo or directly download on Pesta Blogger Theme page. Please feel free to spread this theme on this planet ;)

I created this theme using my Oldies AMD PC with Windows XP SP2. My MacBook Pro currently Out Of Service because I got some problem in GPU issues and right now still on Apple Service Center Indonesia via eStore Yogyakarta, I hope my MacBook Pro will be back ASAP, because I have some pending jobs that need to finish it


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  3. I like it. I can use it in my new project. Best Regards!

  4. Glad to be here. I love the themes. Thanks

  5. nice theme, I can try

  6. Keren banget… BTW logo pesta bloggernya boleh diganti nggak? :D

  7. keren themenya,
    moga MAC nya cepet kembali juga ya :D

  8. wah warna2 yg kusuka nih… cicipi ya kang…

  9. mantep boss, izin pake di blog saya ya!

  10. wahhh
    keren buanget yaaaaaaaa

  11. cool banget brother..

  12. Very nice theme thanks

  13. Joe

    Looks great!

  14. boleh tak pakai buat web pertamaku ya. thanks.

  15. kereeeeennnnn …
    ikutan nyedot ohm :D

  16. keren abis gan! langsung donlut nih…

  17. Nice theme, Mas Jauhari. Moga makin sukses!!

  18. keren elegant … ready to download …

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