How to open blocked sites

key blocker site appsThere are many ways to block sites on the Internet. Could be through internal corporate proxy, through the facilities of DNS, software, and various other facilities. Besides, you also can open the blocked sites. Here are some tips you can use to open a blocked site, such as:

Using a web proxy : Today many applications available that provide free services to be able to access a blocked website, one of which is a web proxy server facility. Some of them are,,, and

Using a VPN connection : Application used to open blocked sites using the VPN (virtual private network) facilities will be safer when you access blocked sites. You can even access the other applications that require internet connection, such as chat, email, and other features. Examples of VPN applications that you can get for free are

Using the software : An easier way to hide IP is through the facilities of software. Some of the software that you can use to hide your IP address is HideMyIP and NotMyIP.

Using Google translator : This application is basically used to translate the language. But it also can be used to open a blocked site, which is the way to enter the blocked website address into the text edit area.

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  1. nice tutorials dude…..thanks for sharing

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