• I try to get rid of Parental Control, because I can’t install Skype on my laptop. Par.Control is blocking it.Whatcan I Do to uninstall ParentaL Control.
    Thanks for your answer
    Pieter Zomer

  • I’ve been using Vista now for almost 2 years and it works fine for me. I think computer performance depends well mostly on your memory.

  • Saya msh pakai XP, kompie gak kuat buat jalanin vista, hehe

  • are u using vista right now? is it true that vista is slower than xp? :D

    • Yes I do :mrgreen:
      About slower than XP? For Old PC (Processor below 1GHz), and your RAM only 512 or Less, this not highly recommended to use Windows Vista, but if your processor is the new one such (Intel Core Duo, Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Opteron family, AMD 64 family) VGA 128MB and Windows Vista certified, RAM more than 1GB, Windows Vista is PERFECT (beside Apple Inc. Product :mrgreen:) Machine to replace your Old Windows XP :grin: