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Is .info Domain Good?

Yesterday I purchased a web hosting+domain package and they gave me an extra .info domain for free. I have no problem at all because it is free for the first year. I have about 4 domain names and two of them are active, while the other two is still waiting for the contents. All are in .com and now I have a .info domain.

I am still wondering whether .info domain is good for search engine or not. Cosaaranda said (in Indonesian) that .info domain is difficult to be indexed by search engine. I have no idea how to monetize a .info domain. Right now, my focus is still in my two active domains and no time to write contents for the .info domain.

Do you have any idea about .info domain. Is it good to be monetized or branded?

Please share your experience in using .info domain by commenting below. Any information will be help.

Thank you.


  1. Info domains are good for google but bad for experienced users.
    It looks scammy and spammy.
    Better invest the few bucks for a com net or org domain.

  2. No doubt about it, .info is a very bad extension of a domain name if you are looking for indexing by search engines.

    The search engines put them at the bottom of their list because nobody ever uses them, searches for them, and the are made for small p2p groups or classroom test sites and so they are not ranked well at all in Google.

    If you are looking to use your domain for SEO purposes, you need a .co, .com, .net, or .org.

  3. Hello,

    I thing there is no difference between .com and .info while considering SERP results. It is the trust and authority of domain Google considering.

  4. it has nothing to do with seo .All .info name extensions ranks normally like .com .net and .org but in some cases they don’t if your site content is not good

  5. You may want to check the sales of .info domains, you’ll be surprised.

  6. Info domains are good for google but bad for experienced users.
    It looks scammy and spammy.
    Better invest the few bucks for a com net or org domain.

  7. I’ve got a couple of .info domains and they do ok in the google rankings. I have heard that the most viruses on the net come from .info sites.

  8. Emang gtu ya mas? malah baru tahu aku. Padahal saya nimbun 4 .info,maklum newbie:d

  9. . info Domain — There’s no better way to get your information on the ‘Net than with your own .INFO domain. And there’s no better time than now! “Info” means information to speakers of many different languages around the world. So whether you want to promote information about your business, your organization or simply yourself, .INFO is a great way to create an identity on the Web.

  10. sering denger yang beginian; emang alasannya kok susah di index tuh apa to? gak ngeti…..:d

  11. i try to type “sby” at google. na president SBY show to us

  12. domain saya .info juga, google, yahoo dan MSN tidak ada masalah tuh. coba anda lihat statistik disitus saya, banyak juga yang datang dari google.

  13. This domain zone is normal. Not bad but not so world-wide. Many splogs and sattellites are based on this domain zone. Reason is in low cost. And in your case it was a free gift. Sometimes registrars do promotional sale for 0.99 $ per domain. Also I know that Black-SEO-guys make doorway-sites on info-domains. Because they make hundreds and thousands of doorway-sites, and it stimulated economy. But search engines have respect to normal sites (not doorway) which are on “.info”-domain.

  14. If do 301 redirect mysite.info to mysite.com, it might help to mysite.com site.

    Google and other search engines list all TLDs (.net, .org, .info, .tv, .name, etc) as normal. There is no difference.
    But most of the internet surfers use .com domains. So, info domains will be hard to remember for typing.

  15. I am not sure if Google hates info domains. However, given an option – you should always start a venture or blog with dot com domain, second best option would be dot net

    Dot info… its useless – I guess that is why they are being given as freebie :d

  16. I’m curious too. I’ll come back to see what comments you get. When it is really hard to list on google, why is it like this?

  17. Yes you’re right for this, I have domain Info that is very dificult to list on google

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