Linux From Scratch 6.4

An interesting question, “why we have to make so many difficult ways to make our own distro, while in Internet there are lots interesting distros which are anytime ready downloaded”. Yes, but not every those distros can satisfy our needs as an user who has different willing. Because of that, this application was born. Linux from Scratch, as its name can use to make a new distro from existence distros. Of course this is not easy, but that doesn’t mean very difficult. You can learn the steps and find out your needs very well. The benefit is, you will not depend to anyone in up-dating this application or even the driver, because you are the one who made it.

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About Veny

Veny is a female name, and of course am a female. Single and not married yet. I was born in August 1979 and luckily until now still stay at Bekasi. I was graduated as an econom bachelor from STEKPI Jakarta and now working in a flour company as a Finance spv.

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