Little Bit Update on

Hello my friends I hope you be alright, and in this day I was made a change of my blog design. I hope my new design will easier to be read all of my post. So if you still find any bugs in this blog, don’t be hesitate to contact me, and I will happy to fix it.

And on this design I still use MyApril theme, I just make a little bit changes on some areas. I also remove my wide banner image on the sidebar and replace it with square banner 125 x 125 px. Do you interest to put your square banner (125x125px), contact me for more detail.

So Enjoy my New Blog Design and Cheers

  • Thanks udah kasih comment @ my blog ttg superhomok-part-1

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  • Gak seberapa beda jauh :)>-

    • That’s why I call it Little Bit Update my Brother ;)

      • ooo gitu.. ternyata.. pantes gak beda jauh :)>-