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Data synchronization for Mobile

The importance of data synchronization for Windows Mobile-based devices as well as from other vendors such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson actually been informed when we bought the tool. Synchronization step is usually a bit difficult, but very important function, it would be nice if you remain always do it regularly so that your data […]

FlowPlayer 3.1.2

Most video files are scattered in the Internet world created in the format .flv. Not all application can run this format. At browser, you have to install the add-on first so you can open it at browser. Now, find the application which is exactly what you hope and suit your needs. How about this one? […]

FotoTagger 0.1.1

  Many people said that half metadata or information which is in a file cannot be change. They are totally wrong! What you have to do is you just have to use this great and free application. FotoTagger can be run on Linux operating system by adding a few dependencies, such as: Python, PyQT, pyexiv2, […]

Calibre 0.6.4

This is not the era where to collect so many books as hard-copy then displayed on the shelves, and dusty. In this digital era, almost everything can keep in the computer. Why not do the same thing to your favorite books collection? The main requirement is you have to change all the hard-copy books to […]


When you are entering the Internet world and do some browsing, your movements can easily follow by other people. Your identity also can find out so easily. This will makes our privacy disturbed. Try to use this application. TOR can help you to avoid the networks which can disturbs our freedom or even our secret […]

Make a website with Joomla

Generally, if you want to make a website, we must have knowledge of the language of php, html, java, or several programs related to web design. Of course to learning and the process take a long time. With the growing technology of modern website, there are other ways a more practical and can be done […]

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