Carbonite online backup services

Some people who knew how important is to make a backup copy of data. However, the data that supported – and how reliable backup – is equally important. Imagine trying to get from one back-up that irreplaceable Word document or spreadsheet only to find the disk can not be read. Remote backup service that is […]

Tembesi, Free GPL WordPress Themes has develop new WordPress Themes called Tembesi, and this themes is a GPL License.  I believe if you’re a fans of Jauhari’s WordPress Themes you’ll not surprise, because it look similiar with other themes that was a magazine style. As far as I know, this themes is clean and simple. You can figure it […]

Changing your Facebook Layout

Bored with the facebook layout without any variation, does not like myspace or friendster that we can Customize accordance with our wishes. Then you need to tried this one. We can changes and customize the Facebook layout by our self.

Aritkel ini saya buat untuk Anda yang suka dengan kostumisasi tampilan dan sekaligus memenuhi kebutuhan beberapa pengunjung yang menuju keblog ini melalui google dengan keyword tentang :
I made this article for you who like to Customize the look and to full fill if you’re searching from google with this keywords :
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Clean up virus using Trial Antivirus

Lately, I have a problem with local Virus that I just can’t remove it directly using Free Antivirus like, Avira, AVG, or Rising Antivirus. In a local antivirus like PC-MAV can do the job very well, but I’m not satisfied with this antivirus because I’ve got memory leak using PC-MAV.

Unfortunately my PC already infected by “yuyun” viruses and automatically create “Autorun.inf”. This virus was not deadly but it created many shortcut that look like a folder. So, it’s double up the real folder in my PC. This condition happened to almost all the PC at the Office.

How To Disable WordPress Search

How To Disable WordPress Search? I got the answer from, This nice tips is will disable WordPress Search more easy and of course easy to do. Why disable WordPress search? Here some of my reason. Some time WordPress based application didn’t need this featured.

Here we go, If you set the variable $error to true, then you will be fowarded to the error page of the theme, if not, then you will remain on the page from where the search was started.

Bunda Sarilah has past away

This morning He call me but I’m not available at that time. My wife told me that Jauhari’s mom has past away this morning. In what time exactly she past away till now I don’t have the information about it. But, I’d like to share with Jauhari’s readers and I hope all of you could pray for her and Jauhari’s family’s could be strong to handle this situation.

Bunda Sarilah Anas stayed in Sardjito’s hospital almost for a month and she had complication. Lately bunda Sarilah conditions gone weaker. Food supplement can’t be eaten and it’s makes the condition worse.
I believe that Allah SWT give the best for servants, if this is indeed the best for the bunda we have to Ikhlas to deal with this bro and keep do the best to bunda Sarilah. Hopefully the children and grandchildren becomes sholeh and sholehah and keep fight for your religion.