SecureZIP: The Next Generation of ZIP

I am sure that you will remember achievable PKZip of the days of DOS. The last time I used it, they had the version v2.04g, that functioned well, useful options, and saved much many discs of the wasting. The this files compressed in a face managable, and is the large dad, in terms of generations, of the programs of today of compression of Windows.

So, I am sure you can imagine that I was reassured to see that has PKWare behind – the company which in the beginning produced PKZIp. Thus, with the other existing competitors, why should you choose SecureZIP – the next generation of the ZIP FASTENER? Firstly, the part that I assume will interest you is more than you can (during a limited time), to download the request for FREE – all you must make is to give them an E-mail address, and all your troubles of safety of data soon more. How that? Well, SecureZIP can automatically quantify your files, to sign then, if it is necessary, digitalement, and compresses your files, E-mails and attachments.
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Migration Finish but Not Yet Complete

This blog, was succesfully migration from old server to the new one, I hope after migration. Will make this blog more better and no errors found again.

Just few Note, I has found a error on my New WordPress 2.1.3, everytime page need call post.php my page will give error like this.

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/.crumb/jauhari/ on line 1057

Anybody found this error too? Anybody can help me?

Thanks before and welcome to WordPress 2.1.3 :)

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How to Build Better SEO?

Canalytics provides strategic services of council for the analytics company which employ Google Analytics. The services include the deployment, the configuration of account, the personalization of report/ratio, and the strategic analysis of information collected in Google Analytics. The company has also a very strong marketing research to offer, which includes paid research and algorithmic research (SEO).

The ideal candidate is a critical thinker who knows about the statistics of Web site, includes/understands the marketing of research, and is comfortable discussing the strategy with customers and executant of calculations. You are excellent transfer; you can include/understand complex situations and recapitulate them with the uninitiated persons with the facility.

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Make Music Videos with fliptrack

We listen to the music any hour thus to imagine if we could marry both for the final feast for the heart and the eyes. Fliptrack is a new service making it possible users to conceive their clean videos music by using their collection of photograph. Fliptrack always has a catalogue crescent of the authorized music to which you magic of S. pour inside your photo’ in the slides then combine both and throws a video outside made on ordering of music.

To get even more professional fliptrack matches images to the rhythm and beats of a song. Instead of sending to somebody isolated valentines (which seems rather hard to find nowadays) why not send a video personalized special of music. If you are an artist then to be sure to subject your songs to the fliptrack and to let the listeners create their own art.

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Need Lexmark ink cartridges?

Did you ever have to obtain ink for your Lexmark printer and cannot you find it in the store? has it all. is ranked as one of the largest online office supplies retailers in the United States. It offers computer and printer supplies to consumers at great prices. They also take pride in their excellent customer service, and have a great help center (for customer service, shopping help, company info, etc.) on their website. On their website you will find everything you need for your printer here including Lexmark ink cartridges.

You can even get the hard to find Kodak picture paper that my photo printer takes. It’s nice that they sell cables to go along with the printers they sell. Everyone should know it is not standard for cables to come with the printers these days.

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What’s News on Yahoo Mail Beta

Yahoo Mail beta updates their service again, Yahoo adds some interfaces to make users more easy and enjoy to read email. One that I don’t like from Yahoo Mail beta is: speed, speed and speed.

Let’s check some screen shoot on New Yahoo Mail beta interface.

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Yahoo Mail beta - Hide Advertisement

Check box Interfaces

Yahoo Mail beta - Check box Interfaces

Integrated with Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Mail beta - Integrated with Yahoo Messenger

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