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Last week I set up a community website based on WordPress. The main feature is of course a forum (discussion board) for the members. There are so many forums available on the net such as phpBB (open source) and vBulletin (commercial) but can not impressed me. I mean some of them are too much for me, especially for the paid one ;)

If you asked me why I used WordPress instead of pure forum, it is because I need to have a CMS to publish news, blog posts, and articles and allow member to comment. We have it on WordPress right?

Thanks to Andy Staines who creates a plugin for wordpress named “Simple Forum (SF)”. The installation is easy as usual plugin install. SF is using WordPress User Management for the membership system as well as user registration. To allow user registration, you need to tick “Anyone can register” under WordPress Option.

SF has a feature called “post linking” which provides a possibility to create forum topic posts based on blog entries and vice versa. Only members who are allowed to post on blog have this option while making a new topic post. RSS also available to ease you in placing forum feed in your blog.

You need to try it to feel its power. Download link is available at

Here is the screenshoot of my forum.

Simple Forum

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A custom made web site can effectively promote your brand in the market and increase product sales. The functionality and design of your website is also important. Images and text on the screen can make a bored visitor go to an eager client.

Styles Web DesignA Custom Design for websites, which is specific to the internet marketing strategies, can help to sell your products and move your enterprise to the top of the heap.

If you are running an e-commerce website or willing to convert your current website to e-commerce, you should know that e-commerce website design is slightly more complicated than a regular web site design. Mature website designers have their own set of rules to develop an e-commerce website design and this is only can be done by over years of experience. has a creative solutions for your business based on their experience. Their latest project is to Design Directory.

Design Directory

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Kamonesan: Gnome Theme With Indonesian Culture

Gnome users (Version: 2.20+) should check this theme. Kamonesan came from Sundanese word, means: “Uniqueness”. This theme wants to bring Indonesia Culture into Gnome Desktop. You may choose one of included backgrounds (of course still related with Indonesian culture) as your favorite desktop background as well as the icons.

Below is the screenshoot for the theme. Kamonesan is available at

Kamonesan - Desktop

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Can Not Access Your Office’s VPN? You May Have Been Fired!

Did not meant to joke, but you should read the full story here. I think it’s gonna be a new alternative for HR Department on firing people instead of telling them directly. Stopping access first, make people wondering, and then firing.

It is good for company to block access to the system right before firing staff. So, you should check if you suddenly can not connect to office’s network or error accessing email :D

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Free WordPress Themes: Padangan

Padangan Screenshoot 01

Padangan Screenshoot 02

The First 2008 Free WordPress Themes collection from me named Padangan. Padangan is a 3 columns, with double right sidebars. It  supports WordPress 2.1x and up, including WordPress 2.3.x.

Padangan has 970px width, 5 widgets and square ads ready.  Another feature is an extra footer informations such as last posts, last comments and popular posst. Padangan can be downloaded on the Padangan Page and it is released under Creative Commons License license.

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Share Your Files With eSnips.Com

Esnips  As a social content-sharing site, eSnips.Com provides you space to publish and share any media type. You have unlimited flexibility in choosing what kind of media to share, in 5GB of free space. You are allowed to share anything you want, about any topic: your thoughts, your photos, your music, your videos, your flash files, stuff you find on the web, and many other media types as long as they are allowed in the term of use.

To organize your files is easy by creating folders which can be controlled by you to decide who is allowed to view each folder – just you, a select group, or the world. Toolbar is available to be downloaded and installed to your favorite web browser which will ease you when uploading stuff to eSnips.

Here is the screen capture of eSnips.Com.


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