How To Crop Photo Using Adobe Photoshop

I will make Adobe Photoshop tutorial series, and in this session I will give you basic tutorial about photo retouching, on this session I will explain some basic tutorial. Why I made this tutorial? because my friend ask me about this, so I will help my friends and maybe someone else needed too.

So let’s get started.
We can use this tutorial both in Oldies version(6,7) or with new version (CS,CS2,CS3) of Adobe Photoshop. Before we do this tutorial, first prepare the photo. After you find what photo do you want to crop. Open it in you Adobe Photoshop like this example.
Adobe Pohotoshop Cropping Photo 01
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Bulletproof Web Design

Bulletproof Web DesignLast Night I read my old book again. This book write by Dan Cederholm the book is Bulletproof Web Design. This book published by New Riders a division of Pearson Education. This book is really useful, this book covers almost everything about web design standard, the latest web design technology. Like what Dan Cederholm says on book slogan “Improving flexibility and protecting against worst-case scenarios with XHTML and CSS”.

This Book is not just for expert, but also for beginner who need to learn design website with standard. On This book contains nine chapters and every chapter have example and case scenarios. and there are:
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WordPress Theme: MyApril

Introducing New Theme fresh from the oven, MyApril, I created 2 colums layout with fixed width 750px. Why MyApril? because tomorrow is April, and April is my Special Month.. yes this month really special to me and I hope for you too.

About this theme? Clean Design, Minimal Image, widget support and of course release under GPL, download and enjoy it.

Download this theme here, this theme also listed on several blog theme information., any comment, idea or suggestions? use my contact page, or leave comment on this post.

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Something New!

I redesign and split my blog today. Yes. I make a big decision in my life. Starting from now, I will write in English in this blog, and in Indonesian in this blog. Why should I split? It is because I try to learn and practice English. I hope I can improve my English just like you,. I hope I can make good English just like you, you and you and you too.

What’s new? I redesign again my Blog and my Old Design will be used in my Indonesian Session. Will you released this theme? Yes it will, same as my first theme (Pitr) I will release this theme under GPL and avaliable download. Before I ended this conversation, I will give your website to learn Ruby on Rails with easy way. Try this and you will like it.

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WordPress Theme: Pitr

Pitr ThumbnailI am very happy after completed redesign “Mbah Dipo” and crafted with new and silly interface design. And for someone that waiting themes that craft by me, this time I released my first WordPress Theme, I call this theme Pitr, yes just 4 character.

Pitr Theme I released under GPL licensed. So you can download and tweak as many you can but remember you still have to put my name as the original author or if you want erased it please contact me. In this version (1.0) Pitr not yet sidebar widget compatible, if you need make it compatible just edit sidebar.php or waiting my next released (I hope in April), I want say to thanks, to all of you that give me support and make this happen. Go to Pitr Theme Page

This Theme also listed on:

(02 April 2007) Pitr Widget Enables version was released

*I change this post to English to make this theme more enjoyable in this world, thanks to Didats

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Posting via Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer

Yes, I try another Micro$oft product, and I think this great tools for bloggers like me. From now I can post to my blog through Windows Life Writer, just like another Micro$oft prioduct, this have cool layout(I think) and easy to understand navigation etc.

This tools just like wbloggar but this Micro$oft product. And if you was use another product such as Perfomancing the Mozilla Extension.. you can try this one.

With Windows Live Writer you can add Photos insert link insert Map, Insert tags and many more.

*I got this info from my Friends Kombor

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