Google Spreadsheets Invitation

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Thanks to google that you allowed me to try you labs product. The wonderfull product “Google Spreadsheets. I will test this and what I can do with this.

Let’s play the new toys. Get it now

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WordPress 2.03, How To Update

Today is my DAY, and my BLOG Day, and my WordPress day, coz today I wast update my Blog Engine with simple step (for me, I hope for ou to)

And this my Step by Step

  1. Backup You Old File and you SQL Data
  2. Download WordPress 2.03
  3. Extract you Wordress on you local HD.
  4. Select wp-includes and wp-admin and zip ora tar it.
  5. Upload to you webserver.
  6. Before extract it, please rename you wp-admin and wp-includes folder and extract that file you was upload
  7. After that go to to you blog admin and you’ll get notice to update you SQL
  8. have a nice day and *blink blink* you run the latest engine (WordPress 2.03) ;)

I am forget some *note. You need also update this file on you root directory of you blogs engine (I got this info from here)

  1. wp-comments-post.php
  2. wp-login.php
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My Websitesasgraphs

This My website flower that generate with this nicely tools (

Please remember, to generate this great flower, you need Java Virtual Machine Installed on your machine and happy make you own flower.

And the last, let me know you result ;)

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Yahoo! Audibles Indonesia Edition

The Big Internet Company Yahoo! was released new Audibles International edition. Yeah Indonesia :) right know you can use to chat with all you friends or enemy with this cute new! Audibles.

There are
- Halo Sayang
- Apa Khabar
- Keren….
- Eh, Dikacangin
- Alamak
- Lemayan (lemayan?, bukannya LUMAYAN :-/ )
- Sebentar yaa, aku lagi sibuk nih?
- Mo jalan-jalan nggak?
- Ngomong apa sih

I love this, do you?

Ada beberapa temen yang Komplain kenapa di Yahoo Messengernya ndak muncul. Ini ada beberapa Tips gimana biar jalan di Yahoo Messenger teman teman

  1. Setting Koneksi di Yahoo Messenger Preferences ke Indonesia
  2. Gunakan Yahoo Messenger versi baru (saya menggunakan 7.5)
  3. Pancing Audibles baru biar nongol di YM anda dengan cara dipancing ;) (dipancing disini maksud saya, suruh temen yang udah ada audibles Indonesianya ngirim ke sampean)
  4. Have nice use you news toys
  5. H2C (harap harap cemas)
  6. Komplain dan tanya Yahoo!

Semoga membantu, Do you Yahoo! :D

Ups, Someone ask me what the audibles mean in english. So I try to translate become like this.

- Halo Sayang => Hello My love
- Apa Khabar => How are you
- Keren…. => Cool
- Eh, Dikacangin => I still don’t know what it mean in english :D
- Alamak => Wow
- Lemayan (lemayan?, bukannya LUMAYAN :-/ ) => I still don’t know what it mean in english :D
- Sebentar yaa, aku lagi sibuk nih? => wait, I’m litle bussy at this moment
- Mo jalan-jalan nggak? => Do you want, take a walk?
- Ngomong apa sih => What you say?

The Last Word, CMIIW

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Always Write Always

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Flickr New Face

Yes yes I love new Yahoo Flickr Interface. Look so simple but Powerfull, Why Powerfull? Look the Main Menu? So Simple and have sub menu that handle all our fave tools. From Organize until Explore photos.

On the right side on the top, like you can see, Search Form look so simple and easy to find.

On the bottom? very very simple design with full information. Thanks Yahoo! Flickr :)

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