How To: Set Date and Time On Linux

A few days ago I need to reconfigure office proxy server (I am using Squid) to avoid certain users accessing Internet during work hour. Sound extreme huh? But it’s a company policy. I can not deny.

They are not allowed to access during 08:00-12:00 and 13:00-16.30. After configuring and apply the ACL (Access Control List)  to my PC for trial, the ACL did not work. I ever did this before. I just did a copy and paste. It should work. Search result on the Internet to find the right configuration convinced me that mine was correct.

It must be caused by another problem, I guessed. It’s true. I did “touch test” and “ls-l” showed that the file was not created in the correct clock time. The “date” command told that the time on the server was not coorect.

I need to adjust server clock setting. Here is the command.

# date -s ‘MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS’ <– change with actual date and time eg: ’12/24/2007 16:25:00′

# clock -w  <– to set the hardware clock (CMOS)  to match the kernel time

# echo “clock -s” /sbin/hwclock  <– to make sure that the time is always correct on reboot, link the kernel time to hardware clock

# chmod +x /sbin/hwclock  <– make the script executable

Voila. The time is adjusted and my ACL worked like a charm.

Now, it’s time to wait for the complain :D

Predictions on Google’s next moves

Are you a Google Fans? What are your prediction for Google’s next moves? It’s almost the end of 2007. May be Google Team are creating list for 2008 Resolutions now :D

ComputerWorld.Com predicts that Google may gives you a free Desktop Google PC by only watching some ads every now and then. Then after working with your Google PC, you can relax yourself by watching YouTube videos on Google TV and of course some Google Ads between each shows. If you back to your work and found your Google PC is freezing, you should reinstall your PC with Google Operating System.

Sounds interesting huh?

Yahoo Hosting Does Not Support Separated Subdomain Email

I have a Yahoo Small Business account and for many reasons I want to set up mail server for my sub domain (ie: My main domain mail ( is hosted at Yahoo because I believe that Yahoo server is have less downtime and power outage (CMIIW) :D

I tried to add and MX record (for subdomain) at domain control panel but got no result. Nslookup returned that no MX record found for my subdomain. Even I waited for the next 24 hours (in order to provide much time for new NS record broadcast), still no result for the MX record.

After got stuck for more than 2 days, I contacted Yahoo Support and they said that I can not set my own MX record for the subdomain, unless I want to manage all mails to my server. This is not what I want. I just want to manage emails for subdomain.

My correspondence with the support continued and after talking with the technical team, they send me email said that this feature is not yet available :(

I have three options now: host emails at Yahoo, or manage my own mail server, or not using email for subdomain. Mmm..

Any suggestions?

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IE User Only: Upgrade your Google Toolbar

Google has launched the newerst version of Google Toolbar. It is available on beta version for Internet Explorer user. Here is the features for the newest toolbar:

  1. You can Add Google Gadgets
  2. Fill in forms with a single click to save your time on filling order form especially for you who want to shop online before this year end.
  3. Multiple computer Toolbar access. You can use your toolbar setting everywhere only by logging in to your google account
  4. Clip and collect content through Google Notebook
  5. Get suggestions for broken links (404 Error)

Update your Google Toolbar! Sorry, IE user only :D