IE User Only: Upgrade your Google Toolbar

Google has launched the newerst version of Google Toolbar. It is available on beta version for Internet Explorer user. Here is the features for the newest toolbar:

  1. You can Add Google Gadgets
  2. Fill in forms with a single click to save your time on filling order form especially for you who want to shop online before this year end.
  3. Multiple computer Toolbar access. You can use your toolbar setting everywhere only by logging in to your google account
  4. Clip and collect content through Google Notebook
  5. Get suggestions for broken links (404 Error)

Update your Google Toolbar! Sorry, IE user only :D

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YouTube and Ijigg Downloader

While looking for a song for my little daughter (yeah, she always turn her head if hear this song played on TV), I found a tool on the net to download songs either from YouTube or Ijigg.

YouTube Ijigg Downloader

To download songs or videos, you just need to copy and paste the link into form. A video player is also available. Go to to get it.


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I really Love GMail

Recently when I checked my GMail account there are something new, maybe not a great enhanced feature but I really like it. They change URL structure to make user more easy to understand and of course to remember. I made two screen shots on GMail’s new URL.

GMail new URL 1

GMail New URL 2

How about you? Do you like it too?

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Web Hosting Directory

You may confused when wanted to upload your website but still could not find the right web hosting service. Comparing each other can be time consuming. After you spent your time on choosing and choose (what you think is) the right one, you noticed that their service was not like what you wanted.

Web Hosting Choice provides a directory that contains list of web hosting service provider and their features. You can browse the directory to see all web hosting service providers or by choosing a specific plans. If you want to find web hosting with specific feature, price and payment method, just use the Advanced Search page.

For you who new to web hosting they also create a learning center of the basic of web hosting. FAQ also available to answer your common questions about web hosts.

Web Hosting Choice is the place you must visit to find the best web hosting that deal with you.
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Ads On Adobe PDF Documents?

Yahoo is now testing their new advertising program to give publishers an alternative to conventional way of serving ads. This program called Ads for Adobe PDF. Adobe PDF Powered by Yahoo is opened for publishers, offering placement and tracking of contextual ads alongside Portable Document Format content.

How the ads will looked like on Adobe PDF? Text-based ad units will be displayed in a panel within the PDF documents and the units are static. They will not affect user’s reading experience. Relevant ads wil be displayed based on the subject of the document, each time the PDF is viewed.

This new method will extend advertiser’s market place. Same as other pay-per-click ads, Ads for Adobe PDF gives Yahoo advertisers anotherl distribution channel that can reach highly specific audiences based on reading interests.

You need to register first to join on this program either as publishers or content owners. After joining, you may upload your PDF documents into the Ads for Adobe Powered by Yahoo site or submit the URL of the site where the PDF documents exist.

If you are are content owners, just wait for this ads system to be launched soon. While waiting, you can check the sample here.

Hello Google? Where are you?

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Who are your neighbours? provide a nice tool for those who use shared hosting account. You can see how many websites are hosted in the same server as yours server. Is your website packed into a crowded host with hundreds of other sites? Or is there questionable content being hosted side by side with your site? If so, it may be time to look for a better host.

Who are your neighbours? Go find it yourself.

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