Coda by Panic is my first online purchased Application for my MacBook Pro, This is perfect tools for web developer like me, Coda features is perfect for my daily use and Coda prices is reasonable. Before I decided to purchased this application, I was looking arround and finding some review about Coda. And here some review from blogger.

Review From Quarter Life Crisis

Coda appears to be a well programmed and stable piece of software for a 1.0 version. And I am thrilled to have the well-integrated environment which removes that extra degree of separation between my editing and the web server while offering good auto-completion and instant validation. After using Coda for real, I started running into situations where I found the one-window-per-site concept limiting. Unlike the other glitches and possibly even the disappointing CSS editor which I am positive Panic will improve over time by slaving away at the code, the single-window issue will require some rethinking and possibly even changes to the UI concept as it exists today.

Review from MacUpdate

But all in all, this is a terrific program that just helped me through a complicated project quite ably, even though I was using the demo (how awesome that it’s totally not crippled). It might be hard to justify purchasing it since I already have a great FTP program and a great text editor, but I’m sure a few more upgrades and development cycles will make it irresistible

Review from

Hardcore administrators will revel in the Terminal window for managing servers, but for the rest of us, the Transmit-based FTP client will be about as close as we get to playing with the server directly. This shares a pane with the site tree and treats your remote files as though they were local, opening them with a single click, or dispatching them to helper applications from a context-sensitive menu.

If you’re a dedicated hand-coder, or are ready to step up from Dreamweaver’s built-in code-based environment, Coda is an excellent choice. As one MacUser team member said in the office, it’s one of those apps that could make a PC user switch. We don’t think that’s too high praise at all.

Review from MacApper

I do web development pretty much every day and have never been a real fan of the all inclusive, live editing types of tools. Honestly tools like Dreamweaver really makes me cringe. So like many others I normally have a separate application for text editing, FTP, shell, and of course a few browsers open. I have to tell you, I’ve taken the red pill now and doing away with all of these separate tools actually seems possible with Coda.

Review from Shawn Blanc

Coda is most certainly not bloated. If anything it could be argued the opposite – that Coda’s features are too skimpy.

However, put yourself in the developer’s shoes for moment. You’re going to take a Text Editor, CSS Editor, FTP client and a Terminal app. Then bundle them together, add a WebKit based prievewer and debugger, and offer some good documentation of PHP, CSS, Javascript and HTML. And finally: sell it for less than the cost of just a good text editor.

Nowadays everyone goes online, they try to show they existence or sharing something wonderful on they life. Before starting and make online website, we need to choose the best hosting services. Some time we need some comparison.

Because it’s not easy to make web hosting choice and use the right ones. On you will be guide with easy step how to choose the best ones.

My previous post said that I had setup a forum for WordPress using Simple Forum plugin by Andy Staines. This post is still about the plugin for my forum that is to show the Yahoo Messenger (YM) status of online admin to provide online support for forum members.

The plugin to handle this job is writen by Huda Toriq. This plugin worked as expected and has many features, such as:

  • Support for multi YahooID
  • Allows you to custom your own status image

allow_url_fopen and or cURL extension shoud be enabled on the server to run this plugin.

On December 2007 one of my Dream become true, I have Mac Powered Laptop. MacBook Pro, I really love with my tools. And I try to find something good that running on my MacBook Pro. And I found, The Best Online Poker for Mac User ;)

Mac Poker what they call it is online Poker application that build and created from high creative person. They Green design is really cool and perfect for our eyes. The website is coverage full of Poker Games, you can choose many Poker format such as Pacific Poker, Fulltilt Poker and many more. The other things is, offering Online Casino Bonuses. So? what’s you waiting for? Play you favourite poker right now!

Back to 2007, I had a project to redesign so I began to craft from scratch then built an unique design. After working really hard on this, the project was completed and used for many months. A few days ago Indian Muslims admin said that he wanted to release the theme for public download, therefore I began to finish this theme and change some code to make it easy for public to use.

So, here we go, you can enjoy my latest public free wordpress themes. Just go to IndianMuslims Theme page and enjoy. If you still have any question or found something goes wrong. Just contact me and I will help you.

Last week I set up a community website based on WordPress. The main feature is of course a forum (discussion board) for the members. There are so many forums available on the net such as phpBB (open source) and vBulletin (commercial) but can not impressed me. I mean some of them are too much for me, especially for the paid one ;)

If you asked me why I used WordPress instead of pure forum, it is because I need to have a CMS to publish news, blog posts, and articles and allow member to comment. We have it on WordPress right?

Thanks to Andy Staines who creates a plugin for wordpress named “Simple Forum (SF)”. The installation is easy as usual plugin install. SF is using WordPress User Management for the membership system as well as user registration. To allow user registration, you need to tick “Anyone can register” under WordPress Option.

SF has a feature called “post linking” which provides a possibility to create forum topic posts based on blog entries and vice versa. Only members who are allowed to post on blog have this option while making a new topic post. RSS also available to ease you in placing forum feed in your blog.

You need to try it to feel its power. Download link is available at

Here is the screenshoot of my forum.

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