Ainol Novo 7 Crystal

Ainol novo 7 this time had insignificant appendage crystal. Judging from the size, crystal and the flame is no different, which is equally as 7. Striking differences in body shape, design, and the android operating system contained Ainol novo7. Ainol novo7 have brakes metal material on the back, it is not the case with Ainol novo7 crystall. In a single tablet is more visible as a plastics material with matte accents. Continue reading

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Future technological Printer, print files from anywhere via email

ePrint is a technology introduced by HP, has the potential to simplify our daily activities, both for serious purposes such as business and office, or the need for a more fun, such as sharing photos or invitations. In fact, the technology is believed to be able to cut the distance and time. And that’s the future. EPrint is a trademark that refers to technology to wirelessly print files. Continue reading

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First aid Smartphone with Water

Today, many Smartphone have the capability waterproof that the mark by IP67 certificate supports. For example Sony Xperia acro S, Motorola Defy Mini, Samsung Xcover 2 and so on. Thus, there would be a problem if exposed to water or extreme splashed into the water. What if ordinary Smartphone that had the misfortune of those? Here are the steps that can be applied as first aid if the phone is exposed to water, so that your phone is safe from the threat of destruction. Continue reading

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Download Antivirus For Maximum Protection On Smartphone

The problem that often occurs when you use a Smartphone is a tendency to be hit by malware and virus. Especially for Smartphone are always connected by a data in internet or connect to other devices. Virus is sometimes ride on file or infiltrate in the application and games downloaded. Especially for android or blackberry which is now commonly found virus and malware that attacks both the Smartphone. Continue reading

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Automated solution for Wifi on Adroid

Generally fast android device battery drained. Two practical way to cope is to lower the screen brightness and turning off wifi when not needed. When you are in an environment with no wifi, turning off wifi is one way that you can save battery power. Only if you forgot to turn back wifi hotspot, you will lose the opportunity to open an e-mail and various other things related to the internet. Continue reading

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Auditing wifi network of Smartphone

Network administration, security analyst, IT engineer or novice users who are concerned with security, speed and all things on a wifi network configuration, will most likely use a variety of tools to monitor network performance and security issues. It is relatively easy to do on a desktop computer, but can from a Smartphone? Is there any app that can meet the needs of network monitoring this?  Continue reading

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