USB flash disk is one important devices, which is used to store some files or data. Flash is needed in this era because it is very easy to carry anywhere. Primarily for business people and students, while requiring data stored on one computer and want to move it to another computer using a flash would be easier.

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One more social media services have been be blocked by the Iranian government. Having previously blocked WhatsApp messenger application because it is considered as part of a Zionist, now they are blocking applications like Instagram. As well as WhatsApp, Instagram is a service owned by Facebook.

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The news came less fun specifically for users of OS X Lion version 10.7.1 down, as per June 30, 2014 Apple will discontinue support for iChat AIM login. As reported by ZDNet recently from Apple’s official support page.

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Currently, Selfie has become a trend among some people, especially teenagers. Selfie that habit to take pictures with a variety of styles, either by themselves or together with friends. Usually after such fun taking pictures, the camera shots were distributed to various social media sites that can be seen by various people. It is also as a manifestation of self. Since the hobby has penetrated photographed in various circles, it certainly needs the best quality camera is also required.

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Samsung seems ready to introduce a new hero of smartphones based on Windows Phone, Samsung Ativ SE. Reported by TheVerge, smartphone variant Ativ successor will be officially rolled out to the public this May. Completing these rumors, Evleaks released a leaked photo of the Samsung Ativ believed to be sightings of SE.

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Android phone does have the advantage of providing a myriad of applications that can be used at any time, be it social networking applications such as games and applications. But unfortunately, to get the application we should have a smooth internet connection to download it from the Google Play Store. This is where a lot of obstacles that arise and face due to slow internet connection makes us lazy to download.

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