Exynos on the trend of Smartphone processor

This processor is developed by Samsung electronics are built on the basis of system on a chip for mobile devices such as Smartphone and tablets. Exynos which was first released was 3110 or previously known as hummingbird or S5PC110. After the Exynos 3110, Samsung launched its Exynos 4212 processor, it uses CPU ARM Cortex A9 dual-core processor with a clock of 1.2 GHz to 1.5 GHz and comes with a GPU ARM Mali-400 MP4. Continue reading

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Google nexus 7 access information quickly via Google

With Google now, jelly bean android users can now access a variety of information in real time to choose before. Google now gives users the option to specify what kind of information you want to see based on the information card in the card provided. Here are simple tips that you can follow to get the optimum benefits from Google now: Continue reading

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Application rescue all in one on lazesoft recovery suite

Lost partition due to virus? The data is not accidentally deleted? Forgot your password to log into windows? Or have had failed boot? Instead of looking for different applications to solve last solution, you better use a single application that can do it all. All solutions can be obtained using lazesoft recovery suite. There are five major functions in its offer, among which burn CD / USB disk, This function is useful to create a bootable tool recover from the existing system and store it in keeping CD or a USB drive. Later you can use if the operating system cannot boot process. Continue reading

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256-Bit Encryption To Secure your Wifi

When connected to the internet with a wireless connection, you’re dealing with security risks. those who can afford can use any network security weaknesses and manipulate connection to access your network and find all devices connected to the network. Antivirus will only stop the attacks that have been recorded on the database, and cannot detect someone who wants to hack the system using wifi network, if this continues, you will become a victim of data theft. So ensure network security is a very important thing. Continue reading

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Move data to a new computer and iPad

Create your iOS device owner, you can move the data without having to remove the content from iPad or other Apple product. Simply by utilizing sync iTunes library facility that supports virtually all platforms. In other words, you do not need to use an external hard drive to transfer data to a new computer iOS devices. Stay connect both devices using an Ethernet crossover cable, and let iTunes move your data with ease. Continue reading

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Prevent bad influence of Smartphone for Child’s

Today, Smartphone are no longer premium goods. Almost all people use it, including children. Smartphone including facilities in it, can be described as two blades. On the one hand, can be used to facilitate a variety of jobs. But on the other hand, it could also damage the fabric of life. On the positive side, a variety of educational information can be easily obtained online through Smartphone. Continue reading

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