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Honda Makes Car Charger Devices Wirelessly

The following issues surrounding battery infrastructure remains a challenge that can not be resolved properly to support electric cars. The experts also continue to strive to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of charging the battery. Honda recently introduced innovation through a battery charging devices without wires (wireless) that can be applied to electric cars. As […]

iPhone 6 design that has been Circulating in Some media

Design iPhone 6 have already started circulating online, which owned more streamlined design than the previous iPhone. Pictures newest iPhone 6 design circulate through the Japanese site “ascii.jp” and also from the Korean site “Seeko.co.kr”. It seems like it is the design of the new iPhone, which is viewed from different sides. The latest rumor […]

Samsung smart watches are Ready to compete in the Market

Samsung is not only known as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. The South Korean company also has a very dominant position in the segment smartwatch. And this year, Samsung is rumored to be launching its first smartwatch Wear that use the Android OS. During this time, smart watches products from Samsung does not yet exist […]

2020, Worldwide Robot Will Gather

Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, wants to hold a robot Olympics in 2020, in conjunction with the 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo. The event is expected to be the event to show the world the latest robotics technology. Japan itself is known as a pioneer in industrial robotics. No kidding, Abe also […]

Apple Patented “Smart Cover” for the iPad

To accompany the homemade iPad tablet device, Apple provides accessories named Smart Cover. This Supplementary just a screen cover attached with magnets. Later came the news that the gadget manufacturer is preparing new accessories in the form of “smart cover” that not only protects the screen, but is also able to display things like incoming […]

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