Who will be the winner on World Cup Brazil 2014?

Currently, all eyes are on the group stage matches in the World cup 2014. And as is evident in the team will advance to the next round. From some analysis in every game that has been going on, seems to have started to look, think about who will be the winner, although it is still very far from the analysis.

world cup brazil 2014

From some of these predictions, it seems beyond expectations, especially for a team that you think most people would be the champion, but in fact it has been eliminated in the group phase. Perhaps this is a phenomenon, which is not taken into account that the team could actually be a champion later. Continue reading “Who will be the winner on World Cup Brazil 2014?”

The concept of the Best smartphones

Maybe there are some fundamental differences on a smartphone, especially in terms of design and applications used. If a few years ago, the functions of a smartphone may only be used for communication, but now almost all of our day to day activities greatly helped by the presence of a variety of applications, ranging from work-related applications, entertainment, health, driving, sports, education, and others. All of these applications are very helpful in easing some of our work.

modern smartphones Continue reading “The concept of the Best smartphones”

Avoid theft Your Data From counterfeit Mobile Phone Charger

Kaspersky Lab experts found there was plenty of charging points scattered throughout the region Brazil 2014 World Cup performances, using the charger AC and DC fake can secretly steal information from your smartphone.

mobile charger simple design

Reported interception can be done via a USB connection because the majority of the electrical socket using a USB connection. In some cases, the fake charger is also capable of installing malware that can trace locations, stealing notes, contacts, images, messages and recordings, as well as to store passwords and even your browser cookies. Continue reading “Avoid theft Your Data From counterfeit Mobile Phone Charger”

Top news on the World Cup Brazil 2014

2014 World Cup mat that is currently taking place in Brazil became the main theme of the most widely discussed by Facebook users. The research team belonging to Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking was reported that there were about 149 million users are commenting, giving Like and post a variety of things related to the 2014 World Cup during the first week that the event took place.

wordl cup event brazil 2014

In addition, there were also more than 459 million users who make the interaction between states and the participants of the 2014 World Cup players as the main review. Continue reading “Top news on the World Cup Brazil 2014”

Your prototype car for Future

When driving a car, one of the most frustrating thing is to find a parking space. For the number of scientists in the United States designed a unique vehicle that not only can bring you travel, but you can also tote that can be taken anywhere.

future electrical car

Dubbed Trikelet, the vehicle is claimed to be the smallest electric-powered vehicle in the world. Just like a suitcase, not only can carry, small vehicles can also be dragged due to the workings of smart folding scooters that can transform into a compact trolley. Continue reading “Your prototype car for Future”

Android Smartphones & Window Phone Will Equipped with Security Features

Google and Microsoft will integrate features reveal ‘kill switch’ for Android smartphones and Windows Phone version. With the ‘kill switch’, the user can turn off their device is lost or stolen.

android and windows phone

Both companies have formally expressed the plan. Google told Bloomberg, adding a solution of protection will reset to the initial factory settings for the latest version of the Android operating system. Continue reading “Android Smartphones & Window Phone Will Equipped with Security Features”

Honda Makes Car Charger Devices Wirelessly

The following issues surrounding battery infrastructure remains a challenge that can not be resolved properly to support electric cars. The experts also continue to strive to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of charging the battery.

best car wireless charger

Honda recently introduced innovation through a battery charging devices without wires (wireless) that can be applied to electric cars. As is known, a new wireless charging current is conventionally applied to charge the battery on a smartphone. Continue reading “Honda Makes Car Charger Devices Wirelessly”

iPhone 6 design that has been Circulating in Some media

Design iPhone 6 have already started circulating online, which owned more streamlined design than the previous iPhone. Pictures newest iPhone 6 design circulate through the Japanese site “ascii.jp” and also from the Korean site “Seeko.co.kr”. It seems like it is the design of the new iPhone, which is viewed from different sides.

best iphone 6 design

The latest rumor says that the design of the iPhone 6 will have a bigger screen dimensions, where the design will be approached with the newest design HTC M8, compared with the previous generation Apple products. Design iPhone 6 shows outstanding body that is thinner than the iPhone 5S, which has a thickness of 7.6 mm, it is going to feel when I first saw it. Continue reading “iPhone 6 design that has been Circulating in Some media”

Samsung smart watches are Ready to compete in the Market

Samsung is not only known as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. The South Korean company also has a very dominant position in the segment smartwatch. And this year, Samsung is rumored to be launching its first smartwatch Wear that use the Android OS.

samsung smartwatch

During this time, smart watches products from Samsung does not yet exist that use the Android operating system. And according to a report from CNET, smartwatch Wear of Android-based Samsung will be officially introduced at the event Google I / O that is held on next week. Continue reading “Samsung smart watches are Ready to compete in the Market”

2020, Worldwide Robot Will Gather

Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, wants to hold a robot Olympics in 2020, in conjunction with the 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo. The event is expected to be the event to show the world the latest robotics technology. Japan itself is known as a pioneer in industrial robotics. No kidding, Abe also revealed plans to create a special task force to develop a robotics revolution.

japanese robotics

“In 2020, I want to gather all the robots in the world and held an Olympics, so the robots can compete in technical skills,” Abe said, as quoted by the Telegraph of Jiji Press news agency. Abe added that the government would establish a council to make the robot revolution become a reality as efforts to help Japan. Continue reading “2020, Worldwide Robot Will Gather”