To perform compression with manual settings can be done via the settings option on the menu. File minimizes pictures to compress images. Thus, large image files so much smaller. There are a few things that make me feel happy with this software. First, the software is free and legal. Continue reading “File Manager Pictures, Reliably For Image Compression”

Pictures, they say, could represent more than a thousand words. In order you shots look more colorful, use a photo editor app available on desktop and mobile platforms. With it, you can run the tweak and filter according to taste. In Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit, you can use fhotoroom to edit a new photo or drawing a basic level, such as cropping, resizing, sharp, and so on. Continue reading “Edit Photo in Windows 8″

Driver Max is an application that will detect the presence of the driver on your windows. Detection is intended so that you can do a backup (backup) process needs to reinstall windows later. Of course also supports the process of return (restore) driver, so you do not have to bother anymore to download the drivers one by one. Through it, you will find complete information of each driver. Continue reading “DriverMax on cool Software”

Data security becomes important that the interests of the company information from being stolen or damaged. One way safety is commonly used to encrypt data (video, photos, documents, credit card information, etc.) by using security software. You can provide a password, hide data into an image or image file, or delete files in the Recycle bin safely. Continue reading “Encrypt Data”

The variety of smartphones and tablet devices that support different multimedia formats is quite difficult. Especially if you have a multimedia file and want to run it from the device, but in fact the file is not supported. This is because the codec support that can be read by any device that is different. Continue reading “Convert audio and Video to be played on a Gadget”

Of course, it feels bland if there is an application for design and layout has no effect on writing and drawing skills. Microsoft publisher has this feature. You could easily tamper with text and images owned. Some effects of the standard are available. Stay grab and play. Print Affairs also been considered. You can select the print-quality photo printing or commercial printer. Even you can send your work directly to another computer in your network. Continue reading “Show your Design with the Publisher”

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