How to open blocked sites

key blocker site appsThere are many ways to block sites on the Internet. Could be through internal corporate proxy, through the facilities of DNS, software, and various other facilities. Besides, you also can open the blocked sites. Here are some tips you can use to open a blocked site, such as:

Using a web proxy : Today many applications available that provide free services to be able to access a blocked website, one of which is a web proxy server facility. Some of them are,,, and Continue reading

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How to maximize battery gadget from apple ( part 2 )

This article is continue from previous tips about maximize your gadget battery from Apple, such as :

Turn on airplane mode : When not using the internet or calling activity, it helps you turn off Airplane mode. This mode is going to turn off the phone reception and wireless, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

battery for apple gadget

Avoid push email : If you often get a lot of emails, schedule on the calendar, and are in a condition always check with the synchronization, then these conditions can make the batteries run out quickly. To overcome this, you can perform checked it manually. Continue reading

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Best design PC tablet from Toshiba

Android-based tablet computer competition is so tight makes every producer should bring something different. This makes the Toshiba want to try the competition. To support the development of tablet PCs, Toshiba launched one of their products, named Toshiba REGZA AT 1SO. To ensure all applications and the Android operating system available on the product, especially Android 3.2 Honeycomb can be used well, Toshiba REGZA AT1SO rely on Tegra 2 processor as the hardware that supports the full application.

toshiba regza at1so

With a capacity of 1 GHz processor, you can run a variety of mobile applications smoothly and stable. Continue reading

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How to control your computer using smartphone?

Vectir application it’s very useful to add features and functions of the controlling computer on mobile devices. These applications make use of three wireless connection, so you can choose between a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infra red. As for the phones that are used to support several types of features, ranging from the type of buttons and touch screen. With two options of these features you can customize which applications are suitable for use.

vectir app remote

To activate the application, you must perform this installation process on the destination computer and the phone also wants to be a remote control. Continue reading

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Share internet connection without a router

Want to share your internet connection with other devices but do not have a router? Just use the virtual router applications are widely available on the internet and can be used to replace the function of the hardware, especially the router. One application of the virtual router you can try is “Maryfi“, which is an application with similar functionality on a router. This application is similar to some of the features that exist in a virtual access point. Judging from the looks, this application has little function buttons that allow you to use some features in it.

wireless router

With Maryfi, computer users can share a wireless connection to devices such as laptops, smartphones, PC, and a gaming system, so that the computer that has installed this application could become a hotspot is flexible. Continue reading

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Use NetCut to control bandwidth without Server

Netcut or network Cut is an application that has a function to disconnect a client from the internet by installing Netcut server. Use than one computer, you can disconnect the other computers without needing to install on the computer. In addition to disconnect the internet from the client, Netcut can also take over the bandwidth of the computer client.

netcut appsIt seems the function of this application is specifically used for office applications, where Internet usage is often not well controlled, so the internet connection becomes slow performance. Continue reading

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