Google partnered with eyeglasses Factory for their products

After the last article about the LG that produces Hour Smart and Smart Lamp, now comes news of smart sunglasses made ​​a giant company Google. Glass that Google has developed Google today is probably the product that is in demand by most of the population in America there, but we need to realize that the Google Glass display is far from a classic impression that such glasses in general.

The concept of Building a computer network

The term Computer Network is not foreign to us are well accustomed to working in the field of computers. But for some people the term is not so popular yet in their daily activities using this facility. For example, a computer operator who daily use a program application that can be accessed on all the computers in the office. This can happen because these computers are connected in a computer… Read Article →

Panasonic Presents Full Video function on the DMC – GH4

Panasonic has just announced the newest mirror less camera, Lumix DMC-GH4. The camera is equipped with a new Live MOS sensor with a resolution of 16 mega pixels. This camera also uses the Venus Engine processor IX which claimed a quad core processor. This processor allows the camera to quickly shoot up to 12 frames per second, and 1080 p video recording with bit – rates of up to 200… Read Article →

Best Applications for Android Tablets

This time we will discuss about the Android applications that have been designed and optimized in such a way for the big screen in a tablet. Here’s a list of the best Android apps for tablets. Google Calendar Google Calendar we recommend as the first Android tablet for the efficient use of widescreen on a tablet. In the weekly agenda view you still get the thumbnail for a whole one… Read Article →

Cause the Computer turns off

Computer turns itself off or restart without restarting the command of the user is a symptom that your computer is having problems. Would be a serious problem if not treated early because usually if there is a problem in the computer system it will interfere with the system to another. Why is the computer turns itself off? Computer turns itself off or restart is usually caused by the following factors:

Increase Conversions with Twitter Analytics

Who is not familiar with twitter, social networking media with bird logo a trend besides the facebook social networking. In some countries the use of twitter is increasing from year to year. In addition to tweets, we also know that we can advertise on twitter to raise a brand or service in order to introduce its product. But did you know that in recent months has been pinned on Twitter Website… Read Article →