There are electronic parts in just about every single device we own or operate. We take from granted that flicking a switch or pushing a button makes something happen: a light go own, a radiator to heat, a car to start but give very little thought to the many thousands of individual parts that produce the desired effects.

Those that studied and investigated electricity over the centuries would have had no idea of its eventual impact on everyday life. Modern society is so dependent on it that we literally come to a standstill when supplies are interrupted – this is evidenced by our panicked reaction when a power cut hits. How on earth did people manage before electricity flowed through the cables? Continue reading “Appreciate Electronic Parts!”

Touchscreen technology has come a very long way. It used to be very unreliable and very unpredictable. It used to be that accidentally putting two fingers on the screen would confuse it, and it would often break if you were a little too rough with it. Then all of a sudden the technology is upgraded and has shrunk and now appears on Smartphones and tablets across the country. Now, more and more touch screen mobile devices are appearing and their sales are not slowing down.

Here is when touch screens became popular and usable

The first iPhone that was launched in 2007 was the device that really made touch screens popular. The button interface was found to be too small and too restrictive, and people loved that they could press a symbol on a screen and navigate to the place where they needed to be. Devices such as the Blackberry were popular, but non-business users were not willing to fiddle with it in order to use it every day. Continue reading “The Diversification of Touchscreens”

The Apple development culture is very different from that of all other software programmers. The programming community cannot be sure why this is the case, but it seems that people who set out to be iOS app developers always seem to end up being uncooperative, unforgiving, unfriendly and unhelpful.

The programming community as a whole are the most helpful and cooperative people on the planet. People spend hours of their own time creating and improving open source code, just for the good of their fellow man. And, programming forums are chock full of expert programmers giving a helping hand to other programmers, who go on to spread what they have learned.

And yet, the Apple iOS programming forums are a shadow of other programming forums. People are snotty, mean, uncooperative and condescending. Continue reading “The iPhone App Development Process”

Apple is an old company that invented and sold some of our oldest computer systems. They are still creating Apple Mac computers. They are an old and powerful company that has a great deal of credibility and a high reputation. The Google Company created a search engine that quickly became the biggest and most powerful search engine in the world. With their research and development team, they have made the move into mobile operating systems. They created the Android OS, which is now installed on more varieties of Smartphone and tablet device than any other type of operating system.

Here is a little more history

Apple is a company that has been running for many more years than Google. They have had a rocky career. They dominated the computer market until they accidentally helped Bill Gates in his creation of Microsoft, the most powerful company in the world. They appeared to be surviving on a loyal Apple Mac fan base up until 2007 when they created the first iPhone. The iPhone and its later incarnations have made them billions of dollars. Continue reading “Primary Reason Why Apple Grosses More Than Android”

The screen and interface, armed with a 10.1-inch diagonal screen with, note 10.1 presents an image with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The display quality is not as good note 10.1 galaxy tab 7.7 which has brought super AMOLED plus screen. Go to the menu, you will see a row of icons arrayed 8×5 grid if the tablet is held in landscape position. Substitution menu page done by swiping the screen sideways. Continue reading “Galaxy note n8000 10.1, Multitasking perfect”

Oxelon media converter is a portable application that can convert media files. Unlike other converters, the app provides a quick conversion using right click on the mouse. You can convert more than one file simultaneous media. If you have a powerful processor, you can run the conversion to more files with faster time. Oxelon able to convert media files to various formats, including 3GP, 3GP2, AVI, DV, DVD, MPEG-2, FLV, IF, MOV, MP4, VOB, PSP, AC3, WAV, VOC, FLAC and AIFF. Continue reading “Change The Media With Context Menu”

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