Pen with Wi-Fi feature

This magic pen, multifunctional. Can be used to write the current use to take notes, but also can record and play sounds to accompany the notes made. Users can record up to 200 hours of audio and up to 400 hours of his play. As it is not special? Live scribe privileges in the inclusion of a built-in wifi feature. The pen will automatically send notes and audio recorded into Evernote. Continue reading

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Decrease of Smartphone prices

Trend of Smartphone sales in some country increased. It was so intense that encourages vendors to either spawn a new Smartphone segment top or entry-level segment. The full features of the Smartphone is one that makes many people who are interested in using only one device at a time, you do a lot of activities. Continue reading

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Where is my Droid app for android selection?

Do you ever find it difficult to find a favorite mobile phone because you forgot to put it where? The first thing you always did, of course, your phone calls with the help of other phones. However, what happens when you have set the phone in silent mode. Well, here’s where you need to install an application where my droid is. Continue reading

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Avoid lost data on your hard disk, Flash disk and Memory card

Data in your hard disk, flash disk and memory card that were deleted can still be restored, with notes, files were still physically intact. How to keep that intact; follow the instructions below. Make sure there is no writing activity in the media. Then, download the free application from This application easy to use, and you just need to follow the following steps: Continue reading

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Restore lost partition when You install the OS

If you want to reinstall windows; and you do not accidentally delete a partition that actually contains data. Relax, the partition can still be restored, following where your files. Originally partition was not formatted erased and installed the operating system, then chances are the data is returned. In this example I will show how to recover the partition through DOS (Disk Operating System) that can be used when you have not had time to install any OS to PC. Here’s how it: Continue reading

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Streaming from PC to iPhone and iPad via Wi-Fi

Most iOS users often have difficulties when going to transfer videos from PC to iOS. Fortunately, there are several apps in the Apps store that allows steaming iOS device desktop via WI-FI, one AirAV. in addition to download streaming media from your PC or Mac to your iPhone or iPad, you can transfer most file formats. You do not need to run a complex configuration, just follow the steps the steps below and you can play multimedia files on PC to iPhone and iPad: Continue reading

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