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Restore lost partition when You install the OS

If you want to reinstall windows; and you do not accidentally delete a partition that actually contains data. Relax, the partition can still be restored, following where your files. Originally partition was not formatted erased and installed the operating system, then chances are the data is returned. In this example I will show how to […]

Streaming from PC to iPhone and iPad via Wi-Fi

Most iOS users often have difficulties when going to transfer videos from PC to iOS. Fortunately, there are several apps in the Apps store that allows steaming iOS device desktop via WI-FI, one AirAV. in addition to download streaming media from your PC or Mac to your iPhone or iPad, you can transfer most file […]

Connecting the Chipset processor on the desktop

Primary liaison with the other components is the processor chipset. On the chipset that consists of some part, where this part certainly more influential on overall system performance. Besides concerned, the performance is influenced by the magnitude of the path that connects to the processor. Like the highway, the more his lane, the more cars […]

Check the Speed of Hotspot around you

With the app, Android users can monitor and manage data usage on cellular and wi-fi. You can monitor the data, estimates and projections run, a tool to check the speed of wi-fi, analyze usage data graphically, and more. Wifi Protector can be installed on windows XP, windows vista and windows 7, 32-bit or 64-bit. When […]

Wireless Internet Connection without the Ad-Hoc

One of the applications that you can use to share an internet connection wi-fi is a virtual router. As with Connectively and wifi hotspot creator, the app will turn your computer into a virtual wifi hotspot, so that others can connect to the computer and use the internet. Applications open source is based on the […]

Various Blackberry Apps for Multiple purpose

Blackberry Personal Lock  Like other apps, the application also has a similar function is to lock certain features on your blackberry. The difference is, if the lock apps function to lock the application of this so it can be used by others without permission, an application that serves to lock in your personal item such as […]

Best processor Type in some Smart tablets

Imo continue to explore the market with a series of cutting-edge android tablet. Two new retainer prepared remedy tablets compete with local peers. Success with Imo Tab X5, Imo Z-one and Imo Z6 tab, the user is now ready to enjoy the latest two tablets android ICS. For users who want a multimedia tablet has […]

Identify and Measure Smartphone Budget

Penetration of Smartphone products in the higher and wider society. And brand new type of scatter and the longest almost in most of the existing window in the center of the country phone sales. Through the promo in the media or by holding a special event, the mobile phone vendors race to peddle their latest […]

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