EPUB and MOBI are two commonly used format eBook publishers. EPUB (Electronic Publication) is a standard format for eBooks, while Mobi often used by the user output device amazon kindle fire.

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When a malware infected your PC

Trend is steadily declining PC sales, but most of us would have been familiar with the PC. Well, in fact most of the PC -based windows as we all know is an easy target various malware. Why? Because of the use.


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Google reader Client for Windows 8

There are a lot of app that serves as a client of the service google reader which you can download. Some app using a slick interface, while the other focuses on the features. Modern reader is the Windows 8 app to manage and read all the feeds, without having to access the web browser.

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Download books from Google books

Do you like to read in books google services (http://books.google.com/bkshp?hl=en&tab=wp) from google? Tired of desktop applications that often fails when going to download digital books from google books due to copyright restrictions?

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Add article to Waiting list reading

Find interesting articles on the web, but do not have time to read it at that time? You you keep them, but maybe you forget what you read. For that reason, all accompanied with browser bookmarks feature. I need to read this (http://ineedtoreadthis.com) is an online service that can add to the list of all the articles you will read an article or to read your list. In this way, you can read the article at leisure or on the go. Another interesting feature, you can activate the feed so your friends can know what article you’re reading.

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Change eBooks for diverse devices

Resentful of having to switch from one application to another application when the converter will convert the document and make it more palatable when the book is read on eBook reader device? Life of hamster free eBook converter to change to make it more readable eBooks on eBook reader device. Hamster free eBook converter supports various eBook reader devices, ranging from the Amazon Kindle, iPad, Asus, Sony Reader, Nook, and more. Several file formats are supported by the app are TXT, Adobe, PDF, LIT, ePub, and LRF.

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