Google has finally released a prototype of their Smart car

After producing a variety of smart gadgets, it seems Google does not want to stop there. With all the resources they have, finally, Google release a smart car prototype. I need to know is that this car will no steering and brakes also, all motion -controlled cars already use hardware and software owned by Google. In some of the trials that have been done some time ago, it seems like the smart car will not be marketed in the near future, it is because there are still many shortcomings to be improved.

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Finally, the iPhone 6 will be released on September 19th 2014

After waiting for certainty and confused about the rumors when it will be released to the market, finally a credible source to make sure that the iPhone 6 will be released on September 19th, 2014. Perhaps many are waiting for the public presence of this one smartphone. Of course, the features and facilities that were presented will always give a lot of changes to the existing applications in it, so that the mobile device lovers will not be disappointed, especially with all the apple products output has a relative price is more expensive when compared to similar products.

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The most popular instant Messaging Application 

Maybe you are smartphone users that have already familiar with a wide variety of instant messaging applications available on a smartphone, right? But from some of the application, if you have tried entire? A variety of features and applications that are on it does have many advantages, especially if combined with a device with a high specification, it will be increasingly felt the advantages of each of the applications.

instant messaging apps for android

Some applications include instant messaging is WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, Kakao Talk, SnapChat, and much more. According to several sources, each of the applications turned out to have different users. But you know, that turned out to be of some of these applications, surprisingly WeChat ranked first when compared with other apps, such as WhatsApp which has now been acquired by Facebook. Continue reading

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Apple will builds the Smart homes concept

As with any product that is now emerging gadgets, it looks like Apple does not want to stop just to the product of their gadgets are always awaited by the public. Not long ago it was rumored that the company is developing a program called smart homes. Conceptually simple, the application of this house will be a concept where all the settings are controlled only through the contents of one unit of the gadget, such as turning on lights, air conditioning, opening and closing the car garage, and a variety of daily activities performed by humans.

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Keyboard apps for Android

For Android user, you certainly know that a good keyboard is a must. And unfortunately, given the default keyboard on Android does not provide the best performance. To that end, some application developers try to generate a custom keyboard that can be used by Android users to use a better keyboard.

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Best virtual Headset from Samsung

The technology of virtual reality ( VR ) is currently booming. Starting from the development of Oculus Rift headset, also participated in several other companies follow similar steps. And most recently, the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, Samsung apparently has a high interest in launching a VR headset products.

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