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PicMarkr To Protect Your Images

I believe that you need to protect your online images either self hosted or by third parties like Flickr or ImageShack. Of course you can do this with your favorite image editor and add your copyrights note from there.

PickMarkr is a free online tool to add watermark to your images or photos. There 3 steps only.

First, you just need to upload them (up to 5 images) and select the output  image size. Second, insert a text for your copyrights (other message is welcome) and select it’s position. Third, after submitting for final process, you can download or upload it to your flickr account.

Other type of watermark are available. You can use your logo as image watermark. It’s also can be tiled.

Try it your self. Here is a sample for you.

PicMakr Result


  1. is that so? how to protect my images?

  2. Nice idea, I’d say it helps with users loyalty.

  3. Glad to see you here Mr. Guntar. Wondering where you are since there is no post on your WordPress blog.

    You can read some of my posts here :D

  4. Very nice info. Thank you very much :). I hope it would be much faster than using photoshop.

    Btw, who would’ve thought that I would see Mr. Arief Fajar post in here :)

  5. Yes, surely it can be removed easily. PicMarkr also offers to put your logo at many places of your images.
    I agree with no right click script. Any other script which can be used is to generate the watermark on the fly with PHP and using antileech protection. Those can be implemented but need extra work.
    Thanks Noe.

  6. Nice info! I will certainly give this a shot. Currently, I use Flickr, Picasaweb, and sometimes Zooomr for hosting images.

  7. Noe

    But by placing you watermark on the corner like this, you can easily remove the watermark using crop on any graphic application. I suggest the best thing to protect your photo is by removing any right click, though it is far more difficult to be implemented.

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