[Resolved]: Can Not Run Any Windows Command Prompt

Last day I got a problem with my laptop. I could not run any windows command prompt, such as ping, nslookup and tracert. I restarted it and gave no solution, the problem was still remain.

Command Not Working

I found this page on Google. It told me that Windows can not resolve the %SystemRoot% Environment Variable that can be checked by running “path” command. It returned:

FilesATI TechnologiesATI Control Panel;

To solution for this problem was founded here where the step by step is instructed below.

  1. Go to: Start > Run > Regedit
  2. Check: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerEnvironment
    Make sure that the registry key holding the path is of Reg_Expand_SZ type rather Reg_SZ type
  3. If the holding key is Reg_SZ change it into Reg_Expand_SZ by:
    • Double Click “Path” and copy it’s Data Value “…%SystemRoot%system32;%SystemRoot%; …” to avoid to rewrite it again
    • Delete the “Path”
    • Create New > Expandable String Value
    • Give “Path” as the name, double click it, and Paste the value copied in the previous step to the “Value Data” field
  4. Close the Regedit window and restart the laptop

Once the Windows is finish from loading, the command prompt works again.

Command Works Again

Any comments or suggestions? Just as usual. Write it in the form below.

  • Raja

    Hi Thanx for the tip. Tried everything u said but it did not help me at all… any other suggestion plz help me dont wana format my drive and all


  • Ananth

    hi,thanks for ur solution.now its working in my system

  • anon

    Awesome! I had the same problem. Thank you,

  • W3G

    i experienced this kind of problem once, although what I did is I reformatted my drive.

  • yup, happened to me once, but I didnt fixed it this way…. I used the advanced tab on “My Computer” properties

    • Thamizhan

      How did you fixed with Advanced Tab on My computer, I need help pls send me the detailed steps….

  • suwun sam wis mampir . . . . kuwalikan karo ayas . . .
    kera ngalam . . . sak iki nggik jogja-salatiga . . wis ngono sik . . :)>-