Share internet connection without a router

Want to share your internet connection with other devices but do not have a router? Just use the virtual router applications are widely available on the internet and can be used to replace the function of the hardware, especially the router. One application of the virtual router you can try is “Maryfi“, which is an application with similar functionality on a router. This application is similar to some of the features that exist in a virtual access point. Judging from the looks, this application has little function buttons that allow you to use some features in it.

wireless router

With Maryfi, computer users can share a wireless connection to devices such as laptops, smartphones, PC, and a gaming system, so that the computer that has installed this application could become a hotspot is flexible. You can use it on a PC or laptop as long as there is a Wi-Fi adapters are installed properly. Later applications will act as a repeater that transmits signals to the distance and the range corresponding to the Wi-Fi adapter owned.

Maryfi also offers a security feature password protection using WPA2 encryption methods, so that not just anyone can access the application. Besides internet connection, you can connect an offline network. This is useful if you want to share a file or folder. In the offline state, you also can use to create a LAN and play multi player games.

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