Something New!

I redesign and split my blog today. Yes. I make a big decision in my life. Starting from now, I will write in English in this blog, and in Indonesian in this blog. Why should I split? It is because I try to learn and practice English. I hope I can improve my English just like you,. I hope I can make good English just like you, you and you and you too.

What’s new? I redesign again my Blog and my Old Design will be used in my Indonesian Session. Will you released this theme? Yes it will, same as my first theme (Pitr) I will release this theme under GPL and avaliable download. Before I ended this conversation, I will give your website to learn Ruby on Rails with easy way. Try this and you will like it.

  • Great job mas!
    congratz lah :)

  • Ojo lali bhs dinoyo mas…lah orang malang toh rupanya :-)
    Well good luck..
    Apa masih di pasar besar ?

  • :), is it about monetize ur blog? congrats then…

  • This is great! Congratulations on the ‘split’ and I hope you can maintain both blog consistently cheers!

  • blog ku malah sebaliknya. comment bahasa indonesia boleh gak yah?

  • Most of latest posts is in Indonesian.. lol..
    But.. keep learning dude..