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Vignette on Android application

Vignette is a camera application that lets you combine 70 filters and 50 kinds of frames to create stunning photo effects. Vignette is also a full-featured camera app like digital zoom, time-lapse, self-timer and so on. With vignette you can adjust the volume button as a physical shutter button. You can also open the application directly from the lock screen if your phone has been using android 4.0 ice cream… Read Article →

Go SMS pro android Apps selection

Go sms pro is a short messaging service applications that deliver a richer user experience and feature sms scheduler. With go sms pro, you can send a message to many people at once. You also can back up and restore the message to go sms pro who also supports sending via email. You can also ring a personal message with the password set. To ensure that your privacy maintained, users… Read Article →

How to Set Wi-Fi connection in Android

Better wifi on / off is what it is able to activate wifi on android boot time, when unlocking the screen, and when an active Internet connection is detected. Get some app better wifi on / off on XDA developers, precisely at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1810284. Then run the installation process. When you browse to see what can be done by better wifi on / off:

Ainol Novo 7 Crystal

Ainol novo 7 this time had insignificant appendage crystal. Judging from the size, crystal and the flame is no different, which is equally as 7. Striking differences in body shape, design, and the android operating system contained Ainol novo7. Ainol novo7 have brakes metal material on the back, it is not the case with Ainol novo7 crystall. In a single tablet is more visible as a plastics material with matte… Read Article →

Automated solution for Wifi on Adroid

Generally fast android device battery drained. Two practical way to cope is to lower the screen brightness and turning off wifi when not needed. When you are in an environment with no wifi, turning off wifi is one way that you can save battery power. Only if you forgot to turn back wifi hotspot, you will lose the opportunity to open an e-mail and various other things related to the… Read Article →

Super a Toolbox cache battery on android apps

You like applications with diverse functions? Super a toll box cache battery answer. With a name that is quite long, super a toll box indeed Arm with 10 applications that serve to manage your phone. Tenth application is CPU, monitor, battery info, app installer, uninstaller, App2SD, cache cleaner, task killer, settings, file manager and app safeguards.

Best processor Type in some Smart tablets

Imo continue to explore the market with a series of cutting-edge android tablet. Two new retainer prepared remedy tablets compete with local peers. Success with Imo Tab X5, Imo Z-one and Imo Z6 tab, the user is now ready to enjoy the latest two tablets android ICS. For users who want a multimedia tablet has come IMO classified tough Z7 tab, in addition to carrying android ICS, the tablet daily… Read Article →

Catfiz, Messenger applications for Android

CatFiz Android Messenger, upon hearing this I confused whether this application? For those who are familiar with CatFiz must also confuse what this kind of application. Yes as the name suggests CatFiz is based chat applications such as chat upscale Blackberry Messenger application. This application runs on the Android handset, and worthy of pride CatFiz is the result of the work of the great Indonesia instead.

Choosing Android app that suits your needs

Various kinds of Android applications available today are much provide an option for us. This we can know through various mobile devices that most of use Android as the operating system of their products. Some versions of Android ever include Android Froyo , Android Gingerbread, Android Honeycomb, and most recently the Android Ice Cream Sandwich. We may often feel confusion to make choices, what will Android apps we use, whether the… Read Article →