Choosing the appropriate Android apps for Mobile Devices

Thousands of Android apps which you can find on a smartphone is very profitable, especially those who have high mobility. There are several types of applications that have the highest rating the download, among other games, and some applications that have a large enough user.

best android apps

While for some applications that function for entertainment or can you get the music, but of course this should be chosen application that has many benefits. From some of these applications, you also have to adjust the quality and capacity of the hardware of a smartphone itself. Continue reading “Choosing the appropriate Android apps for Mobile Devices”

Google offer refund for Fraud Scam Victims Virus Shield Application

The victims of the scam application that has been the victim of fraud and download apps Virus Shield can now breathe easier. Those who have already download the application will get a refund directly from the Google. For information, the price of the application is for $ 3.99.

google play store Continue reading “Google offer refund for Fraud Scam Victims Virus Shield Application”

How to Solve error in Your Android apps

Incidentally many who asked me about the force close issues on Android, and is due to force close it causes all sorts, I was confused how to answer. Maybe that’s why this time I will discuss about troubleshooting or error handling in case of force close on your Android artificial.

android error message Continue reading “How to Solve error in Your Android apps”

Vignette on Android application

Vignette is a camera application that lets you combine 70 filters and 50 kinds of frames to create stunning photo effects. Vignette is also a full-featured camera app like digital zoom, time-lapse, self-timer and so on. With vignette you can adjust the volume button as a physical shutter button. You can also open the application directly from the lock screen if your phone has been using android 4.0 ice cream sandwich. Vignette itself present in the demo version as well as premium, which sold for 2.9 dollars. Continue reading “Vignette on Android application”

Ainol Novo 7 Crystal

Ainol novo 7 this time had insignificant appendage crystal. Judging from the size, crystal and the flame is no different, which is equally as 7. Striking differences in body shape, design, and the android operating system contained Ainol novo7. Ainol novo7 have brakes metal material on the back, it is not the case with Ainol novo7 crystall. In a single tablet is more visible as a plastics material with matte accents. Continue reading “Ainol Novo 7 Crystal”

HootSuite on Android application

Besides being used as a communication device, android Smartphone typically also be used for activities on social networking sites. If you feel disappointed with the official facebook and twitter apps are minimal features, and then there is no harm if you glance at the applications that offer third-party development such as HootSuite, for example, with HootSuite, you can now access the 4 popular social networking sites in just one application. Continue reading “HootSuite on Android application”

5 Simple Ways to Improve Android Performance

Has Android device indeed is quite fun. Because as we all know that this device has a high flexibility in terms of modifications. Quite often we hear the term root meaning legalized access to the operating system to make it easier to be modified with a variety of custom ROMs that rated better and faster. Yeah that’s one thing that can optimize the performance of your Android operating system. In addition there are many other easy ways to optimize the performance and functions of Android as one of the leading operating systems today. Here are simple tips that will improve the performance of Android as an operating system known to have many functions. Continue reading “5 Simple Ways to Improve Android Performance”